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Cops: 2 Charged in Garden City Burglary

Armed Robbery !!

I have heard from muliple sources that homes on 4th street or 3rd street were robbed last night,, below is the email that is circulating...

Last night multiple homes on 4th St and
> surrounding blocks were broken into and ransacked. Nobody
> was home due to the power outages. Except in one case were
> animals used iron patio furniture to smash through a window.
> the owner and his wife were walking their dog at the time.
> when they returned one of the POS held the man at gun point,
> fired two shots into the ceiling and said the next two go
> into you wife. 52 GC cops nowhere to be found. Still no
> warning or mention of this to residents this morening via
> the village website, facebook or twitter.


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