Christmas Pageant at Garden City Community Church

"Mary" and "Joseph" with "Jesus."
"Mary" and "Joseph" with "Jesus."
     The Garden City Community Church put on a lovely Christmas Pageant called "A Christmas Gift from the Heart,” starring the Church School children. The performance took place on stage in Gardner Hall and the audience was filled with the Christmas spirit.
     The pageant was directed by Brian Georgia with a cast of 70 characters and over 20 volunteers. The children acted out the miracle of Jesus' birth with announcers telling the story and also sung several Christmas carols: "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem," "Away in a Manger," "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" and "Silent Night." Music Minister, Frank Crosio played the keyboard and Tammy Hensrud played the piano as accompaniment. Six students danced, under the leadership of dance coordinators, Jacqueline Baymack and Francie Cohn. Theatrical lighting was headed by Samantha and Steve Short. Costumes were sewn and organized by Danielle Lemieux, Alice Melkonian and Christine Hanson.
     "This has been an amazing experience with an extraordinary group of kids. Their dedication has been astounding," Georgia said.
     Afterward, the coffee hour was enjoyed by many with many home- made goodies, coordinated by Tina Palmer. 
     "The pageant was the culmination of a four week unit on Advent and Christmas. The children spent time in their classrooms with teachers learning the story of Jesus' birth, through active play with manipulatives, children's literature, art, and music. Then they then were able to share their understanding of it with others by acting it out. The pageant was a beautiful witness to the children's faith, and their desire to encounter Jesus," interim church school director, Paula Tusiani- Eng stated.  
     The Garden City Community Church School, sponsored by the Christian Board of Education, is open to all children from toddlers to grade seven. Classes for toddlers through fifth grade are held on Sunday mornings during worship. Classes for sixth and seventh grade are held on Wednesdays evenings. Confirmation is a two year program for eighth and ninth graders. In addition, babysitting is available in the Crib Room for children under two years old, equipped with silent pagers for parents. Please call 746-1700 or go to www.GardenCityCommunityChurch.org for more information.
     (photos by Suzie Alvey)


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