Four Tons o' Fun at Tanners Pond Environmental Center

The AmeriCorpsNCCC and local volunteers February 2nd at the Tanners Pond Environmental Center/Garden City Bird Sanctuary. (photo by Suzie Alvey)
The AmeriCorpsNCCC and local volunteers February 2nd at the Tanners Pond Environmental Center/Garden City Bird Sanctuary. (photo by Suzie Alvey)
     AmeriCorps volunteers and local helpers had super-human strength to haul out four tons (8,000 pounds!) of dead trees and debris from the Tanners Pond Environmental Center last Saturday, February 2nd. The process was arduous but fun with the 40 volunteers working together and getting to know each other. The effects of Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent snowstorm caused destruction at the environmental center (also known as the Garden City Bird Sanctuary). Before spring activities can take place, the debris had to be removed.

     "It is a major effort that we are making with AmeriCorpsNCCC and volunteers to overcome the effects of the storm. We will repair, rebuild and restore the TPEC. We will develop plans so the community and wildlife can fully enjoy the resources we have by this spring," stated Robert Alvey, founder of the Garden City Bird Sanctuary. "We hope residents will continue to support it through their donations," he added. Alvey intends to have the place open to the public on a regular basis again by March 1st.

     The AmeriCorps and local volunteers worked a full day. During breaks they talked about the different states they hail from (California, Wisconsin, Oregon, Florida and Pennsylvania to name a few) and their field projects.
     Andy Tisdel, CorpsNCCC member and media rep said, "We are FEMA Corps, Team Summit 5, eight hardworking young adults who signed up for ten months of community service. We've lived and worked in five states since August, but Superstorm Sandy is our first real disaster. We're continuing to help FEMA's response and recovery efforts in whatever way we can; also, we like to come to awesome places and clear logs on the weekends."

     AmeriCorps is a national program geared for ages 18 to 24. According to its website, the branch of AmeriCorpsNCCC is an intensive, 10- month commitment by these young people who serve communities all over the United States. Some of its members partner with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to concentrate on disaster preparedness, response and recovery. This combination greatly enhances the federal government's disaster capabilities. The individual members receive a small living allowance with room, board and uniforms. The young people are awarded the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award when the 10-month program is completed successfully. This award can be applied to further education.

     The center wishes to also thank the Long Island Volunteer Center for initial contacts and coordination with the AmeriCorps volunteers, as well as the Village of Garden City Sanitation Department for their expert help in removal. Lastly, the center would like to thank the Nassau County Department of Public Works for their help in cleaning up paths at the sanctuary.

     To support the work of the Tanners Pond Environmental Center, please send donations through PayPal at GCBirdSanctuary.org or by check to PO Box 7507, Garden City, NY. Make "sump- thing" happen!

(photos by Mike Carsey, Suzie & Robert Alvey)
GC Resident February 08, 2013 at 12:29 PM
Great job by all.
Suzie Alvey February 08, 2013 at 07:41 PM
The AmeriCorps did a great job & so did our local volunteers! The Garden City Bird Sanctuary/Tanners Pond Environmental Center is planning another "Ton 'o Fun"! Keep your eyes out on Patch.com for the next scheduled one.