History Mystery Homes #4

Fourth in a series of archival photos that need identification.

"Hoest 12" is the new history mystery house this week. (Note the similarity to 139 Nassau Boulevard.)
"Hoest 12" is the new history mystery house this week. (Note the similarity to 139 Nassau Boulevard.)
      The new mystery house this week is "Hoest 12." The volunteer at the Garden City Library is noting the new addresses for history mystery homes that have already been solved and entering them into the archives.
     The "Hoest 01" mystery has been solved as 108 Roxbury Road. It is presently owned by Tina Fiore and Mark Zebrowski. The roofline has was changed some years ago by an owner who added the fuller gables. Also added was the third floor Palladian window in the front.
      108 Roxbury Road "was built in 1908 as a spec house and advertised by Gage Tarbell, president of the Estates. The original price was $11,190 and in the catalog it was listed as an 'artistic cottage with shingles' on three lots," stated Zebrowski.  It was a plaster on lathe, three-story home with maple floors that had a first floor parlor, dining room with wainscoting, plaster panels in the library and a bath. It had seven bedrooms- four on the second floor and three on the third floor with a bath. Zebrowski said that a neighbor told him the original owner was a pastor from New York City who used the house as a second home. One of the later owners had a shooting range in the basement.
     In the seventeen years since they've owned the Roxbury Road home, Fiore and Zebrowski have converted one of the second floor bedrooms to a bathroom (currently three bedrooms and a bath), and converted the three bedrooms on the third floor to two (now two bedrooms and a bath). They also added a den and garage.
     213 Stewart Avenue, in the background of "Hoest 01" is currently owned by Laura Shanahan and Vincent Walsh.
      "Hoest 05" has yet to be solved. Does anyone know this address?
     If anyone has any old books, photos or papers relating to anything in Garden City, please contact Suzie Alvey at 516.326.1720 or e-mail her at . She can scan or photograph the items, while you keep the original, or you can donate it. This will be extremely helpful to the archives at the Garden City Public Library and the Garden City Historical Society. Help us help history!


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