Outdoor Memorials in Garden City

Patch explores village memorials dedicated to loved ones, starting with St. Anne's.

Brick pavers in front of door at St. Anne's Church.
Brick pavers in front of door at St. Anne's Church.
Garden City has outdoor memorials that include memorial benches, memorial plaques made of stone, cement or brass and memorial trees. There are also "semi-permanent" ones, which tend to be the site of deadly accidents.

St. Anne's Church and School has more than 400 memorial bricks laid out in the sidewalk. It also has benches conveniently placed along Dartmouth Street with the following plaques:

  • In Loving Memory of Angelo J. Carpentier
  • Remembering Bob Ferris- Husband, Father, Grandfather, Son, Brother, Friend- 9-11-01
  • In Loving Memory of our Beloved Mother and Nana- Patricia M. Hoffmann
  • Thank You St. Anne's- John and Jane McCloskey and Family
  • Thanks for the Memories at St. Anne's and on Dartmouth Street- The Redding Family
  • In Loving Memory of Robert J. Reeves IV- Coaches, Players and Families of 2006 Garden City High School Varsity Football Team
  • In Loving Memory of Marianne C. Sheeler
  • In Loving Memory of Peggy and Bert Wallace- the Kids
"Our family has two memorials at St. Anne’s. One is a brick which commemorates my mother’s passing in July 2006. The other is a bench in front of the school which is a memorial to both of my parents from their four children which was offered after my father’s death in 2011," Lyn Wallace Beck said.

"Peggy and Bert Wallace, my mother and father, both loved St. Anne’s. They relished their roles in the life of the parish...My father attended daily Mass as long as he was able. They valued the Catholic education all four of their children received in their years as students in St. Anne’s.

"We always lived on Dartmouth Street...In deciding to memorialize our parent’s devotion to their church family, it seemed natural that we choose something that could benefit both the school and the church. We can easily imagine my mother sitting on the bench as she waited at dismissal time for her four children or my father pausing on his way back from church or the train and sitting a spell. Each time any of us attend Mass at St. Anne’s we have the opportunity to stop at the brick bearing my mother’s name and say a little prayer to her. As they raised us in faith, we continue to be reminded of that faith in remembering our parents..."

Jay and Ellen Redding also live on Dartmouth Street. "We've lived here since 1966 and we've had four children. We've seen the neighborhood change over the years. We said 'thank you for the memories' on the plaque for our bench because our kids went to St. Anne's for school. We were there for 20 years, between that and my volunteering. We're still active. We go to Mass and walk down the block and say hello to friends from the neighborhood and church," Ellen Redding said. 

Please contact St. Anne's Church if you would like to order a memorial brick or bench.

Do you have a special outdoor memorial in town for a loved one? Do you know someone who has been memorialized? Let us know in the comments section below. (Your comments may be used in a future article.)


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