Outdoor Memorials in Garden City: Central Section Part I

Patch explores village memorials dedicated to loved ones.

St. Paul's main entrance with flagpole and memorials underneath.
St. Paul's main entrance with flagpole and memorials underneath.
This week Patch looks at outdoor memorials at six sites in the Central section of town.

Of course, the biggest "outdoor memorial" in town is the Cathedral of the Incarnation. Cornelia Clinch Stewart dedicated it to her husband and founder of Garden City, Alexander Turney Stewart. In part one of the Central section, they add up to over 80 memorials to over 1,060 loved ones.

Nine memorials are dedicated to 35 people at St. Paul's School. Four memorials with 30 names are located at the flagpole by the main entrance at St. Paul's. The granite markers are engraved with the names of former St. Paul's students who lost their lives serving in WWI and WWII.

Others are in the playground area, such as Paul Muscarella's memorial bench: "In Memory of Paul J. Muscarella- 'And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years.'- Abraham Lincoln. Paul had life in his years...a beloved husband, father and dedicated friend. With a wonderful smile and cheerful humor, he touched the lives of all those around him. For the many years of volunteer service to the Garden City Community and especially to the Western Property Owners Association..."

Nine memorials are dedicated to 18 people at Garden City Middle School. Three memorials are situated in the front of the school, two are near the cafeteria and more are in the two courtyards.

The WW I memorial plaque on a large stone and flagpole have been in front of the school for years. Around 2005, Jennifer Rumbelow, a social studies teacher, spearheaded the re-landscaping of the area and added two memorial benches to the site. They are in memory of Edgar and Frieda McMahon and August and Anna Willuschat, both from M.J. McMahon.

There are approximately 150 names on memorial bricks on the southeast side of The Garden City Historical Society Museum on Eleventh Street. It is also a temporary home for two large plaques for the Doubleday "Roll of Honor" for World Wars I and II with almost 700 names, located at the entrance to the A. T. Stewart Exchange consignment shop.

Longtime Historical Society member and founder of the A. T. Stewart Exchange Kris Harder started the commemorative brick paver campaign for The Museum in approximately 2002. There are memorial bricks to family members and others in honor of someone. Visit www.GardenCityHistoricalSociety.org for more information on purchasing bricks.

There are two memorials with almost 180 names at Headquarters, between the Gazebo and Village Hall. The large memorial that is surrounded by landscaping contains a list of names like the "Who's Who" of Garden City: "Charter Members- Garden City Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated April 19, 1920" and "In Memory of Those Volunteer Firefighters Who Performed in the Service of the Village of Garden City." Nearby is a memorial dedicated to Thomas G. Moringiello.

There are 12 memorials for a total of 32 people at the Gazebo and horse sculpture at the corner of Stewart and Hilton avenues. Benches surround the Gazebo on the southern half. At the Gazebo are two memorials. One memorial is for Honora B. Cameron by the Lyric Foundation when the Gazebo was built. The other is "In Memory of Clinton deRaismes Combes, Jr. 1921- 2011."

On the west side of the park is the 911 Memorial that lists the names of 23 who perished: "In Memory of the Victims from Garden City Who Lost Their Lives in the World Trade Center" and a dedication to the Girl Scouts on their anniversary.

On the east side of Garden City Village Hall is a bench dedicated to Eileen Murphy: "In Loving Memory of Eileen Murphy- March 30, 1922- August 8, 2004- This bench has been donated by Eileen's many friends in Garden City, in recognition of her dedicated service to the community..." Murphy was a former editor of a local newspaper.

Next week Patch will continue with the Central section's many outdoor memorials.

Do you have a special outdoor memorial in town for a loved one? Do you know someone who has been memorialized? Let us know in the comments section below.


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