Outdoor Memorials in Garden City: Central Section Part II

Patch explores village memorials dedicated to loved ones.

Veterans Memorial Park.
Veterans Memorial Park.
This week Patch continues to look at outdoor memorials at six sites in the Central section, totaling 34 memorials to approximately 1,350 loved ones.

Veterans Memorial Park- Spearheaded by village resident and veteran Cyril Smith, the memorials were gathered into one central space. They have become the new focus for Memorial Day Parade ceremonies. There are nine memorials for approximately 1,320 people, most with the large Roll of Honor for 1,300 people in the front of the flag pole.

A plaque explains the Veterans Memorial: "Dedication- The Village of Garden City takes great pride in the service its veterans have provided to the nation and the ultimate sacrifice of those honored here. Since the Civil War, the proud history of this village includes a rich heritage of military bases where soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen lived and trained. Many spent their last days and nights in America on Garden City soil. Some never returned. We also honor these adopted sons and daughters.- Civil War- Camp Winfield Scott- Spanish American War- Camp Black- World War I- Camp Mills and Hazelhurst Field- World War II- Mitchel Field and Roosevelt Field- The Marine Corps Base at Garden City- May 31, 2011."

Hubbell's Plaza at the Garden City Railroad Station: One memorial sits in the middle - “Alexander Turney Stewart- Founder of Garden City- 1969.”

Garden City Public Library: There are seven memorials for 10 people - Arthur Beneventi, Anne Barnes Foxen, Bob Foxen, Dorothy and Lawrence Hofmann, Bruce Thompson McKay, Betty, Stephanie and Catherine Parente, Donna Ellen Varvaro and the Welcoming Club memorials.

Park on Sixth Street and Hilton Avenue: The park contains six memorials to seven people and the 125th anniversary of the founding of Garden City - Maeve Donovan Bambery, Frank S. Kochle, Stephan Kochle, Jr., Frank R. Krug, Michael J. Tenaglia and Ella Burry Wells.

Garden City Medical Center at 520 Franklin Avenue- One memorial bench for Dr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Fett, "In Loving Memory" from the Fett family, located on Fifth Street.

St. Joseph's Church and School: This area has seven memorials to eight people: "Mary E. Bennett, Laura E. Krug, Laura Jean Krug Falabella, Charles J. Miller, Mary Rita and Bill O'Brien, Tomoko Russell and Mary Lou Fuerst Walter. The memorial to Mary Lou Walter is one of the most impressive in town, with a sculpture of Mary holding a cross atop a brick pedestal. In the warm months it is surrounded by flowers and an arbor.

Garden City Pool: There is one memorial bench in memory of Walter M. Jaworski. "1915-2005- In loving memory of Dad and Poppy- You are in our hearts forever. We miss you. Love, the Coll Family."

In addition to the permanent outdoor memorials, there are two semi-permanent ones that are on the border of the Estates and Central section. One is on South Avenue near Adelphi University's property and Garden City Middle School. It is a memorial to Garden City student Jackie Vincent. There is a bench and a heart-shaped garden with the initials "JRV" spelled out in stone blocks. She was electrocuted in 2007 as she tried to take a shortcut on the railroad tracks.

On Cherry Valley Avenue, just south of Vincent's, is a semi-permanent memorial cross to Patrick J. Ryan, a Garden City High School Class of 1993 student who passed away in a car accident while trying to help with the annual Turkey Trot race.     
Next week Patch will feature memorials in the Eastern section of Garden City. Do you have a special outdoor memorial in town for a loved one? Do you know someone who has been memorialized? Let us know in the comments section below.
Marissa McCay January 09, 2013 at 06:27 PM
Meghan's Garden, outside Adelphi's School of Social Work, is a memorial for Meghan Kenny Halloran. She was my neighbor and friend, and one of the most kindhearted and generous people I've ever known. She passed away from breast cancer 12 years ago at the age of 31.
Suzie Alvey January 09, 2013 at 06:44 PM
Hi Marissa, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. I haven't written about Adelphi University yet, since I had many memorials to do in the Estates Section. However, I am going to write about it in combination with the Eastern Section (even tho it's not part of the east). Please check it out next Wednesday!
Deanne Miller Emory January 23, 2014 at 12:18 PM
The memorial to Charles J. Miller on the St. Joseph School property is a beautiful tree planted in memory of my Dad on May 10, 2003. The tree was a memorial gift from a group of my square dancing friends here on Long Island. Instead of having it planted at my home, I wanted my Mom to be able to see it each time she came to church- to remember my Dad. My Mom put the plaque on the tree not long after it was planted. Mom is gone now, too. I am doubly glad that it is at the church so it can be a lasting memory of a wonderful man. A number of the trees at St. Joseph's are dedicated to people who had been members of the St. Joseph's choir. My Dad, Charles J. Miller, Tomoko Russell and Laura Krug all sang together in the choir in the 1970's. Tomoko was a young mother when she passed away- way too soon and Laura Krug, passed away not long after my Mom in 2011.
Suzie Alvey January 24, 2014 at 09:25 AM
Deanne, Thank you for the great information about the St. Joseph's memorials. I will save it. Peace to you.


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