Outdoor Memorials in Garden City: Eastern Section and Adelphi University

Patch explores village memorials dedicated to loved ones.

Hemlock Elementary School- Memorial to John Mike Giordano.
Hemlock Elementary School- Memorial to John Mike Giordano.
This week Patch looks at outdoor memorials in the Eastern section: Hemlock School, Washington Avenue, the Lutheran Church, a field across from the church, the eastern Firehouse, Clinton Road, Grove Street and Locust School. They add up to 10 memorials to many people.

Hemlock School
- There is one memorial to John Giordano, located in front of the school - "In Loving Memory of Our Friend- John Mike Giordano- April 18, 1991- October 10, 1997." One person said, "His sisters decorate his memorial for every season. He was a six-year-old student, a happy youngster full of life and inquisitive. He will always be remembered as part of the Hemlock family."

Washington Avenue, Osborne Road and Wharton Place
- There are two memorials by a flagpole. One is a large stone memorial that reads, "World War II- 1941-1945- In Honoring the Memory of Those Residents of Garden City Who Gave Their Lives. We the Living, Pledge Ourselves to Carry on Their Fight for Peace."      The other Washington Avenue memorial is a bench that reads, "In Loving Memory of Raymond M. Ripp, D.D.S. With love, your wife Joan and Children Thomas, Bill, Nancy, Kerry, Stephen and Trisha Ripp. (1924- 2005)"

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
- Located on Butler Place and Stewart Avenue, there is one memorial "In Honor of Adelaide List and the charter members of Resurrection 1939-2008."

Field across the street from Lutheran Church
- The field is located at the corner of Stewart Avenue and Clinton Road. There is one memorial to Noelle Falk with a tree.

Eastern Firehouse
- Four names are on a memorial stone base with a flagpole, to the east of the firehouse. "Dedicated to the Memory of the Men Who Gave Their Lives in Service of the Garden City Fire Department- Lt. Edward Gorry- 1951, Otto A. Kammerer- 1953, William C. Gorry- 1960 and Captain Gerard F. Otto- 1969."

Clinton Road
- The original Camp Black was located at Clinton Road and Commercial Avenue, next to the eastern Firehouse and the railroad tracks. The monument is dedicated to "Camp Albert L. Mills- Birthplace of the Rainbow Division," "1917-1919- To the Rainbow Division Which First Occupied Camp Mills and Which Went Forth to Glorious Victories on the Battlefields of France. This Monument is Erected By Its Veterans. Its Mission Fulfilled, It Vanished to Appear No More But Its Name and Fame Will Live to Hearten Future Generations to Answer Their Country's Call- Killed in Action- 2,950- Wounded in Action- 13,292."

The monument is also dedicated to "To All Who Fought For Their Country" especially "The 42nd U.S. Infantry Division- 'Rainbow Division'- The Division Consisted of Approximately 27,000 Men From the National Guard Regiments From 26 States and the District of Columbia." These included the 83rd and 84th Infantry Brigade, ambulance companies, field hospitals, artillery brigades and more.

Around the monument's base are scenes of places the division fought, including Argonne, Baccarat and Champagne- Marne. On the same triangular piece of property as the Rainbow Monument, the DAR planted a tree and have a plaque that reads, "To Honor Our Veterans- The Daughters of the American Revolution."

Grove Street at Chestnut Street
- There is the most recent outdoor memorial and tree located near Grove Street Playground for "Our Friend, Luke Rosato- 2012" who was a student at Garden City Middle School.

Locust School
- One memorial plaque and tree "In Loving Memory of Our Friend and Teacher Mrs. Penny Caruso."

Adelphi University
- Outside of the eastern section, Adelphi University has a number of outdoor memorials.

The Levermore Elm trees near Levermore Hall- "The Levermore Elms- Dedicated in Honor and Affection to the Memory of Charles Herbert Levermore- Scholar, Historian, Educator, Internationalist- Founder of Adelphi College- 1856-1927." Levermore founded Adelphi College in 1896.

The flagpole and Adelphi veterans plaque- This is located in the center of campus. "Adelphi University Honors the Women and Men- Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff Who Served, Are Serving and Will Serve in the Armed Forces of the United States of America and Recognizes Those Who, From Home, Support Their Spirit, Sacrifice and Commitment- A Gift of Joyce and John J. Phelan, Jr. '70, '87 (Hon.) - USMC January 1951- January 1954."

Meghan's Garden- The garden is tucked in the southeast corner of the School of Social Work at Adelphi University's campus. It reads, "Meghan's Pansies Memorial Garden- Meghan Kenny Halloran Died at Age 31- She gave her time to the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program so that other young women may survive breast cancer."

Halloran, Melissa McKay said, "was my neighbor and friend, and one of the most kind-hearted and generous people I've ever known. She passed away from breast cancer 12 years ago at the age of 31."

In total, Garden City's western, Estates, central and eastern sections have more than 800 memorials for more than 3,100 people, not including Adelphi University, which has several outdoor memorials as well.

This article is the last in a six-part series on outdoor memorials in the Village of Garden City. If you know of any additional memorials not mentioned in this series, please contact Carisa Giardino at carisa@patch.com.

Marissa McCay April 28, 2014 at 04:54 PM
Thank you, Ms. Alvey, for this post! It was interesting to read about all the memorials throughout GC. Thank you for including Meghan's Garden in this piece. All the best! Marissa
Suzie Alvey April 28, 2014 at 06:08 PM
Marissa, You are welcome. I am gathering information on all memorials for the Village Archives. I welcome any photos, documents (copies or originals) and materials related to Garden City and its history.


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