Fast-Moving Storm Stranded More Than Two Dozen Cars

Heavy rains, a backed up county drain quickly flooded streets throughout the entire village last week.

Last Wednesday's fast-moving but furious rain storm left a mess in its path as roads flooded, lightning struck a house and car and three trees fell in Garden City.

According to acting police commissioner Kenneth Jackson, the house struck by lightning was on Keenan Place and the car was parked in Field 7N.

"We had approximately 30 stranded cars," Jackson said. "It was a very serious storm."

Fire Chief Charles Cavarra added, "All the departments worked well together ... A house was truck by lightning. A car was struck by lightning that didn't explode the gas tank. It split it ... I don't think there were any injuries."

Kevin Ocker, chair, Chairman - BCCRA, said two village trees came down on Fifteenth Street and Lefferts Road and a private tree also fell on Lefferts Road.

The major flooding didn't help matters either.

"The flooding was the worst Cherry Valley Avenue from Stewart Avenue through Eleventh Street to Golf Club Lane," Department of Public Works director Robert Mangan said.

A Nassau County drain backed up and two manhole covers blew off - one on Eleventh Street and another located at Eleventh Street and Golf Club Lane with water actually shooting up and out of them, Mangan said, adding that Parking Field No. 12, on the east side of Franklin west of Twelfth Street, also flooded.

"It was a lake from Sixth Street all the way down to almost Franklin," he said.

The northeast section of the village experienced flooding in the Mulberry Street area.

John Wilton, chair of the Garden City Merchants Committee, said the heavy rains also wreaked havoc on local businesses; nine businesses had to deal with leaks on their flat, black roofs.


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