Cristin Crowley- Garden City's Leading Lady

Multi-talented Garden City Middle School student does it all.

What do “July,” “Ado Annie” and “Belle” have in common? These are all roles Cristin Crowley has portrayed.

Crowley’s resume: Singer - check. Dancer - check. Actress - check. Musician - check. Her resume looks like that of another Cristin- Kristin Chenoweth of Broadway’s “Wicked” fame, but Crowley’s only in seventh grade.

“To me, nothing in the world can compare to performing. It’s exhilarating. Once I step on stage, I just become my character and being on the stage is so much fun.  It’s also what happens behind the stage that I love. When people perform together, they form a special bond, which makes it sad when that show is over. But knowing that I can look forward to many performances to come makes me realize that the end of each show is a new beginning,” Crowley said.

Recently, Crowley performed in the Garden City Middle School (GCMS) play, “Oklahoma” to rave reviews. Crowley was “Ado Annie,” which was her favorite part so far. “She is really a fun character. She is boy-crazy and silly but has a lot of common sense,” she explained. “I took the role and tried to make it my own. The other ‘Ado Annie,’ Megan Walsh, and I worked together as a team. It’s fun getting into character.”

Many of the leading parts had talented students, and not a single actor had the typical cracked voice or shyness seen in many young teen productions elsewhere. It is obvious many have had singing lessons.

“Kids here have done other productions and are talented. Most of the leads have had big parts in Stratford and Stewart Schools,” Crowley said.

Crowley’s most professional role was that of “July,” an orphan in the Gray Wig/ Hofstra Entertainment production of “Annie” last summer. “They helped me learn how to act,” she commented. She was also the narrator in the middle school production of “Aladdin” in sixth grade and “Belle” in “Beauty and the Beast” at Stratford School, so she had actor’s chops beforehand. She was in the Garden City Community Theater productions for four years as well.

When Crowley finishes school for the day, she heads over to the Unitarian Universalist Church where she takes modern, jazz and ballet dance at the Garden City Dance Project four to five times per week.

“Cristin is a powerhouse, a unique kid. She’s very talented and gets along with everyone. Cristin is a joy and her vibrant personality screams through her dancing. Her stage presence is just phenomenal and amazing. She is a lightening rod as the younger ones look up to her. She’s so encouraging as a natural leader; people are drawn to her,” Jean Marie Phillipou, director of the Garden City Dance Project, enthused.

Not only has Crowley been in theater productions and dances, but with her singing ability she was in the Garden City Festival Chorus in the Theater at Westbury with Michael Amante’s annual holiday concert. She also won first place for a vocal music piece “Hansel and Gretel” singing in German with three of her friends. It was for grades seven and eight in “Sprachfest” this March, a German language festival. To round things out, she also takes voice, piano and flute lessons with Sue Vuotto.

Look for Crowley’s name in Broadway lights some day.

Crowley is the youngest daughter of Nancy and Mike Crowley.

Julia May 12, 2011 at 01:05 AM
CRISTIN YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR!!! When your burning up the stage on broadway one day, PLEASE make sure to get me an autograph!! I remember "what part did you get?" ( we didn't know each other well I know you because you were belle and how could a girl miss that?) your answer: " I got a narrator what did you get" my answer: OOOOOO I got a narrator too!" the rest was history. We next BOTH got the role of narrator 5!!!!! We both shared a role, and a costume that was WAY to big for the both of us. THEN this year we shared 10 classes together and I didn't do the play but I guess it was good I didn't because YOU GOT ADO ANNIE YOUR ALL TIME FAVORITE DREAM ROLE. You texted me " I got the name of a farm girl........." and I was like whats wrong with them you deserve WAY better then that. Next was " a farm girl named Ado Annie," I swear I was more excited than i was when I got MY role in the play. KEEP DOIN WHAT YOUR DOIN BECAUSE YOUR GREAT no AMAZING no EXCELLENT NO PHENOMENAL AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! . From your favorite narrator 5, and your jrf'in Crc!!!


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