"Nature in Photography" Show at the Garden City Public Library

"West Meadow Sunset"- photo by Terry Buonomo of NWPLI.
"West Meadow Sunset"- photo by Terry Buonomo of NWPLI.
The Garden City Bird Sanctuary/ Tanners Pond Environmental Center is sponsoring the show, "Nature in Photography" in conjunction with the Nature and Wildlife Photographers of Long Island (NWPLI). About 45 photos are available for viewing. The show will be up for the month of November in the Gallery area on the lower level, along with the first floor showcases near the circulation desk.
NWPLI president, Tom Pfeifer said, "We'd like to thank the Garden City Bird Sanctuary and the Garden City Public Library for providing us the opportunity to share a sampling of our group's work with you. Many of the photographs on display were shot throughout Long Island's diverse inland habitats and along our beautiful shorelines. A deep interest in sharing the splendor of Long Island and the creatures that inhabit it is at the heart of much of our work..."
Pfeifer's daughter, Emily, an art student at Suffolk Community College joins her dad in showing their photos together. According to "Canvas Magazine", she is the first junior (student) member of NWPLI.
Diane Abell, show coordinator for NWPLI remarked, "Many of us have had work published at one time or another and we have won national and international contests."   
Abell added, "At another exhibit, one of our NWPLI members was asked by an exhibit attendee if the gear we use is expensive.  Her reply was, 'You won't see any of us wearing expensive jewelry.'  It was a perfect answer, as it was a clear statement about our passion and our priorities." 
The NWPLI is a group of professional and amateur photographers who have a passion for photographing and documenting beautiful nature on Long Island. They foster interest in the conservation and protection of the natural world through the art of photography, educating and inspiring membership. They offer workshops and have monthly meetings on various aspects of nature and animal photography. The club's inception was 2002 with eight members, and has grown to over 70, now one of the largest camera clubs on Long Island.
One of NWPLI's main goals is to encourage all members to participate and share their own expertise so that each member can become a better photographer. They have monthly contests and critique sessions in the spirit of personal advancement rather than of competition. Several photographers have received awards in contests. For more info please go to www.NWPLI.com.

Robert Alvey, founder of GCBS/TPEC commented, "I encourage everyone to come and see the beautiful photos by NWPLI. Due to Hurricane Sandy, a planned reception for the group has been cancelled, but we will schedule a tour and workshop at the Tanners Pond Environmental Center for the group next spring. Our site also took a big hit from the hurricane, but none of the memorial trees were destroyed and our volunteers are getting the area back in shape."

The Garden City Bird Sanctuary/Tanners Pond Environmental Center is a nine-acre site located opposite 181 Tanners Pond Road and is a 501 (c)3 organization. For more information please visit www.GCBirdSanctuary.org, join us on Facebook or call 516.326.1720.


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