My Little Studios Brings New and Exciting Activities to the Village

Garden City native Susan Saraf let her passion for the arts flourish into My Little Studios, which is doing so well she's decided to add a new class this year.

Kids have many different interests and talents as they explore the world around them. Some want to dance, some want to sing, others want to learn to cook just like Mom and Dad. Wouldn’t it be great to have these things under one roof?

Thanks to Susan Saraf, owner and director of My Little Studios in Garden City, this is now a reality.

Saraf, a native to Garden City (she graduated Garden City High School in 1991) proudly runs her business out of Garden City Community Church. Saraf had been a resident of the village for nearly 30 years and, after being born and raised in Garden City, decided it was the perfect place to start her business. 

“I started it out of a love of acting and kids and wishing I had started earlier. I had been working in the business in New York City for years and then when my husband and I started our family, it was too much to go in and out of New York City for an audition,” she said. “I felt fulfilled in that way, but I needed to be connected to the art and so it was time to put my Master's in drama to work.” 

Saraf let her passion for the arts flourish into My Little Studios, which is doing so well that she has decided to add a new class this year. 

“I was thinking on what it takes to be a well-rounded performer (person, actually) we need to engage our minds, bodies and spirits. That's where the idea of breaking the one into a group of Little Studios was born. This fall we are adding My Little Artist's Studio,” she said. 

According to Saraf, classes run in the afternoons and take place from 4-6 p.m. Classes offered include My Little Actor's Studio, My Little Chef's Studio, My Little Yoga Studio and the new addition of the My Little Artist's Studio. Each class is 50 minutes with a two hour drop-off time for the parents. Each parent gets to pick two out of the four classes, which all work within the unified themes. 

Saraf, who has three children of her own (all under the age of 6) takes inspiration from them to come up with new and interesting classes. “Colbert, my oldest, came up with a rap for the improvisation of The Wizard of Oz Spring 2012,” she said. “It was a big hit, The Rapping Flying Monkeys! So, this season it was his idea to do a class and show playing the characters from Marvel Comics.”

Residents interested in joining any of the My Little Studios classes should register via the studio website: www.Mylittlestudios.com.


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