Vacant in Garden City: Village Seeing Lots of Turnover

A new ownership, another nail salon, a fur partnership and more.

The economy's grave effects are visibile all over Garden City, particularly on Franklin Avenue and Seventh Street.

At 953 Franklin Avenue, next to Sushi Ya, a lease has been executed for Dashing Diva, a "high end, express nail salon."

Just a few feet away, empty store fronts boasting nothing but "For Rent" signs can be seen right next door, particularly in the area of O Spa, where Garden City Galleries, Upper Crust Café, TD PriceWaterhouse and soon-to-be-closed Arista Furs (which is partnering with Barbatsuly Brothers and changing locations) are all vacant.

"That particualr strip is somewhat catastrophic in its appearance in the village," said John Wilton, chair of the Garden City Merchants, Professionals & Retailers Group.

Calagero's owner Ron DiGangi confirmed that he is looking to expand into the Garden City Galleries location come spring. Plans are currently being drawn up and costs are being reviewed.

There is a potential lease out on the TD PriceWaterhouse property, which has been vacant for nearly four years, according to Wilton, for another Japanese restaurant.

"The gentleman that owns Sushi Ya is suicidal," he said. "He's three doors down and rather concerned. Now we'll have five Asian-themed restaurants in the village."

Speaking of Asian-themed restaurants, on nearby Seventh Street, Omoto Asian Cuisine is under new ownership and is slated to open in days as TAKU.

Village Deli (formerly known as Hoffmann's) is slated to open in three to four weeks depending upon completion of contractor work, Wilton said.

TCBY is changing over to self-serve yogurt, taking a lead from a company called 16 Handles.

"This upscale methodology seems to be in vogue right now," Wilton said.

Since Garden City Chemists closed on Seventh Street, two prospective tenants are interested in the space - an optometrist and a clothing retailer.

"I believe one will be going forward shortly," Wilton said.

George January 19, 2012 at 07:56 PM
What retailers are lined up for the new building on 7th street?
Drew Art Guy @ Sunflower Fine Art Galleries January 19, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Please. Anything BUT a bank or real estate agency on Seventh Street.
Bill Sweeney January 19, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Thank you. And no more Asian restaurants, salons, pharmacies, or doctors. It's insanity.
Carisa Giardino (Editor) January 19, 2012 at 10:36 PM
George, according to John Wilton, chair of the village's Merchants Committee, the owner of the building at the corner of 7th Street and Franklin has been extremely tight lipped about what's going in there. Patch has inquired with the Garden City Building Department to get some answers.


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