Garden City Residence Chosen for Commercial Shoot

A home on Somerset Avenue is scoped out for a LUVS diaper commercial.

Ever wonder where the gorgeous rooms and beautiful locations that appear in the commercials we see everyday are really located? Some may be a lot closer than you think! 

A home at Somerset Avenue and Brixton Road was the location of a LUVS diaper commercial Friday. Production and film crews consistimg of approximately 50 people were shooting footage inside of the home.

According to one of the producers, Joey Martinez, the location was picked by a location scout for the company. 

“We give him specs of particular neighborhoods, or houses or interior of houses that we are looking for. He goes around, whatever we are looking for, wherever the houses may be he takes pictures of it,” said Martinez. “We happen to like what was inside of this house; the interior of this house, the living room, the bedrooms.”

The commercial is intended to run for television. According to Martinez, the commercials typically take one to two months to air.