A Word From Mayor John Watras

Village Offices Closed Monday: Please be advised that village offices will be closed on Monday, Jan. 20, in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Offices will re-open at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 21. There will be no garbage or recycling pickup for Monday, Jan. 20, and there will be no rubbish pickup on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

The holiday collection schedule will be as follows:

Western half of village (west of Rockaway Avenue)

Garbage: Tuesday and Thursday

Rubbish: Wednesday, Jan. 29

Eastern half of village (east of Rockaway Avenue)

Garbage: Wednesday and Friday

Rubbish: Wednesday, Jan. 29

Residents scheduled for recycling on Jan. 20 are asked to put their recyclables out on Monday, Jan. 27. All other recycling days remain the same. Rubbish collection has been rescheduled to Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Snowstorms - Help Us Help You: With the blizzard behind us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank village residents and merchants for their cooperation by shoveling walks within 24 hours following the snow fall. Looking ahead, the following suggestions are offered in an effort to reduce inconvenience to residents and to assist the Village in serving your needs.

  • If possible, wait until the village plows the street to clear the snow from your driveway entrance. If you can’t wait, shovel to the right onto your curbside, since most snow plows push to the right. Do not shovel snow back into the cleared street. This will reduce the accumulation of snow which will be pushed back into your driveway. This is a chronic problem. Plow operators have been reminded to reduce the speed of their vehicles in order to lessen the amount of snow that is pushed back into driveways. Please be aware that the Department of Public Works cannot shovel out driveway entrances nor can it plow any private property.
  • When you hear that a storm is expected, move your car off the street into your driveway. This will speed up the plowing operation.
  • Park your car, or cars, as close to the end of the driveway as is safely possible.  This eliminates the need for shoveling the entire driveway to free your car when the storm has ended and the roads are safe to travel.
  • If you are unable to shovel snow or are going to be away, make arrangements to have the snow cleared from your sidewalk. Please remember that you are responsible to shovel your walk within 24 hours after the storm. This will be enforced by the Police Department. This is also applicable to the business community.
  • When using power equipment to blow snow please do not blow the snow in the street.
  • Please clear snow away from all hydrants so that the Fire Department can reach them without delay. Also, make sure that the snow is not blocking the address to your house.
  • To facilitate safe garbage collections, a walk should be made from the sidewalk to where the garbage is kept. If this is not possible, it is suggested that the garbage be carried to the curb for pickup.

Local Law - Solicitations: The village’s solicitation law prohibits all unwanted commercial solicitations and distributions on all private residential property in the village and prohibits non-commercial solicitations and distributions on private property to the extent desired by the resident. This law was designed to protect residents from unwanted invasions of their privacy.

However, any resident who does not wish any solicitations should complete a “Notice of Objection” form at Village Hall. If you complete such form and are solicited, advise the solicitor that you have a non-solicitation request on file. If they persist, please call the Garden City Police Department at 465-4100.

As of this writing, the only group that has permission to solicit is the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. The Citizens Campaign for the Environment has been given permission to solicit Monday through Friday now through Jan. 24, between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m. and invited call backs only are permitted between the hours of 8 and 9 p.m

Shop and Dine in Garden City: There are many things which make Garden City such an appealing place to live and work. One of these is our viable and welcoming business districts with their fine restaurants, unique shops and regional stores.

Many residents consider shopping and dining in our business districts as “experience shopping” because they meet friends and neighbors along the way and have an opportunity to interact with them. This is in stark contrast to frantically dashing through the crowds in the mall or the big box retailers.

I encourage residents to make a conscious effort to choose Garden City as the place to shop and dine. It would be extremely helpful to our business community if you could make one purchase daily in the village stores. Customer service, selection and quality are outstanding. While shopping or dining let the merchant know that you appreciate them and all that they offer. I look forward to seeing everyone in town.

Board of Trustees' Meeting Schedule: The next regularly scheduled board of trustees’ meetings will be on Thursday, Feb. 6, and on Tuesday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. I encourage all residents to attend board of trustees meetings so as to be thoroughly informed of village issues from a first-hand perspective.


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