Sleepaway Camp Offers Gluten-Free Kitchen

Camp Eagle Hill logo.
Camp Eagle Hill logo.
Sleepaway camp must be a trying prospect for parents of kids who need to stay gluten-free.

There's relying on the staff and child to be vigilant, of course, but there is also just the Mom- and Dad-type worry: Will they eat enough? Will here be enough gluten-free choices? Will they have to eat alone or away from friends?

That's why this press release from an upstate camp that draws from Long Island caught my eye right away: Camp Eagle Hill in Elizaville, NY, will open this summer with a completely gluten-free kitchen. 

"Spurred on by his own daughter’s need for a gluten free diet, Camp Director (and owner) Jesse Scherer felt strongly that building a kitchen of this type was an essential camp offering. Says Scherer, 'the best way to assure parents that their children would be receiving a gluten free menu of food offerings was to create an entirely separate kitchen. Our main goal was to cater to the food service needs of those campers and staff in need of this type of diet with a facility that would provide an issue and worry free summer experience.'”

What do you think? Would a completely gluten-free kitchen sway your summer camp choice?

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