#61: The Spirit of Halloween

Residents go out of their way to make Halloween special for neighborhood children.

In the spirit of Halloween, Garden City residents spent time decorating their homes with creativity this year, especially Second Street.

The popular movie should be called Nightmare on Second Street. Check out the huge, scary devil that hangs over the porch of a house at 56 Second Street, the type that is the inspiration for night-fright.

Little ghosts and goblins were thrilled with Halloween all over Garden City this year. They ran, walked or were pulled in wagons by parents as they went around to homes located from the eastern side of town to the west.

A cluster of kitty cats was found slinking around.

Released from the Garden City Middle School at 3:15 p.m., a large group of Santa’s elves joyously ran down Stewart Avenue in search of candy. They must have escaped from Santa’s workshop before Christmas.

On Garden Street, Snow White’s dwarves were seen, but Snow White must have stayed in the forest.

Homeowners placed candy, toys and Halloween treats in the children’s bags, much to the little ones’ delight. Exclamations of fright and laughter could be heard.

This is what makes Garden City so unique - residents spending time and effort to make their homes “Halloween worthy” and exciting for the children as the kids gleefully run from house to house.

Come back next Tuesday at 10 a.m. for reason #60. Click here if you missed.

Category: Holidays

Price: Trick or treat!

Season: Just for Oct. 31

Note: Take a ride around town because decorations should remain up for a few more days.


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