#66: Green Spaces in Garden City

Green spaces and passive parks add to Garden City's charm.

Not only does Garden City have six parks staffed by the Recreation Department, but we have many passive parks and green spaces as well.

One of the more unusual passive parks is Norris Playground in the western section. It’s called a playground although it doesn’t have any equipment to climb on. Norris is surrounded by Hawthorne Road, Greenridge Avenue, Hathaway Drive and Colvin Drive backyards. Neighbors in the Nassau Haven area enjoy relaxing in this little-known area.

The most well-known passive park is the one near Village Hall and the corner of Hilton Avenue. Wedding parties are photographed here, it's the location for many outdoor concerts and a place to sit on a bench and read.

Other areas are:

  • The two cul-de-sacs on Hathaway Drive
  • The park space north of the Stewart Manor Railroad Station
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park on Seventh Street
  • The park at the corner of Hilton Avenue and Sixth Street
  • The central mall that separates Stewart Avenue, east of Franklin Avenue
  • The area on the corner of Stewart Avenue and Clinton Road
  • The triangular park bounded by Osborne, Westbury and Wetherill roads
  • Clinton Road at the corner of Avalon Road
  • The long park between Commercial Avenue and Brook Street, running from almost Clinton Road to Grove Street
  • The park with a few swings at the corner of Hilton Avenue and Second Street
  • The field in the Franklin Court area
  • Green spaces at the three country clubs in town: the Garden City Country Club, the Garden City Golf Club and Cherry Valley Club

Come back next Tuesday at 10 a.m. for reason #65. Click here if you missed reason #67.

Category: Garden City parks

Price: Free

Season: Year-round

Note: Bring a good book and relax


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