Breiter and Gura, my own divorce attorney, QUIT and sued me for over $20,000!

Run from "Breiter and Gura." I used this firm in a time of need.   I was up against an attorney who was having my ex wife do the most despicable things. I hired Rona Gura to be my divorce attorney at the lowest point of my life and it was the worst mistake of my life.  To make a long story short she took my retainer of $7500 and did in my opinion absolutely nothing for it and then Rona Gura QUIT on me.  As if resigning on me in desperate times wasn't bad enough she sued me for an additional $20,000+.   I knew Rona Gura was an absolutely awful attorney shortly after giving her the retainer and began looking for a new attorney but not before she quit on me.  My ex's attorney made her look incompetent the few times we were all together.  The greatest quote from Rona was "if you sell your house when this is all over you might have a little something for yourself."  I ended up with a little something.  It's called the house, car, motorcycle, and residential custody of my little girl.   My paycheck is due to be garnished beginning next week, with interest the amount is now $26,000.  Keep in mind she received $7,500 made me pay out $8,000 to my wife's attorney - something my next attorney told me was completely unnecessary.  All of here alleged work came in approximately 3 month period, where  adjournments of court dates was their specialty.  Thankfully my relationship with "Breiter and Gura" ended when it did or I probably would have had nothing left.   My ex and I now get along well.  She confided in me that her attorney would hang up the phone after a quick conversation and start cracking up saying "this woman's an idiot, I can get whatever you want out of her!"  I don't doubt that for a minute.  One last comment; in her lawsuit vs me her client, 7500 of what she won was a billing error.  They credited me too much supposedly on my original retainer.  

I never want to see anyone go through this with Breiter and Gura!  Do yourself a favor and find another firm.  I ended up finding an awesome attorney by the name of Steve Goldman (Joseph & Teeter) who had to start basically from scratch and got me everything I wanted. 

I've been an educator for over 20 years.  I'm not just some guy looking to make problems.   If anything I try my best to avoid all problems.

I'm not scared of Ms. Gura trying to sue me again as nothing in this post is false.
Robin Kaplan April 12, 2013 at 07:45 PM
I find it humorous that you admit that she won her case against you. Clearly, an independent court found that her work Wes substantial enough for her to win her fee. I hired Rona two years ago for my divorce and it was the best thing I ever did. She's completely knowledgable about the law, totally approachable and she got me an incredible result. Your review should be taken as nothing more than sour grapes since you were told to pay your bill. I never met the Rona you're talking about
Philip Stevens April 12, 2013 at 10:43 PM
I'm a doctor who retained Ms. Gura for my own matrimonial matter. I was extremely happy with her representation. I also have patients who have not paid my bills for services rendered and had to put them in collection. They are now also "dissatisfied" patients. Funny how that works. And its easy for them to post annoymously, as you did.
LK April 14, 2013 at 06:24 PM
What you are saying is that Ms. Gura tried to help you and continued to represent you when you owed her $5,000.00, and still at $10,000, and still at $15,000? And you're complaining that she finally quit your case when you owed her $20,000.00? Sounds like you wanted to get away with not paying her for work she did for you.
RQ August 05, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Thanks for the great review! I know someone who attends the same temple and referred her on that fact alone, which I was uncomfortable with. I will be giving Steve Goldman a call. I find it a bit odd that the supporting arguments here all came at the same time and without any substance to back up their claims. As far as posting anonymously - what person in their right mind would do that up against a lawyer, nonetheless one that already sued this guy? Has she sued that many clients that she cant figure out who it is?


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