Great Restaurants to Garage Sales—Garden City Patch Groups Can Help

Need to find a new date night destination or just dying to unload that old bulky TV?

Garden City Patch groups can help.

Follow our Patch groups to get exactly the information you want and when you want it.

All you have to do is explore new and popular groups and click "+ Follow" on the ones that catch your eye. 

Why follow?
  • Receive instant updates when something new gets posted in your groups or when someone comments on one of your posts. 
  • You'll get a personalized Garden City Patch newsletter.
  • It will be even easier to dive right into your news on the homepage. The groups you follow appear in your feed below our Top News picks.
Don't see a group you know should be there? Create it in just a few minutes with your free Patch account and by clicking "start a group" in the upper right hand corner. (I've linked it all here to save you time!) 

Then don't forget to tell your friends, family and social networks about your group. They will surely want to follow to keep up with all your great updates. They can contribute their own notes, photos, even videos — if you'd like, that is. 

You can also elect instead to fly a little more solo and create a group blog. 

Questions? Email me at kathleen@patch.com


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