Joe Moody: Trustee Candidate Nick Episcopia's Personal Email Hacked

Resident Joe Moody, corresponding secretary of the Eastern Property Owners' Association, submitted the following letter.

I am supporting Nick Episcopia in his campaign to be re-elected as village trustee from the East.

I asked him directly about the following, and on his behalf I feel it is necessary to make a couple of points crystal clear to everyone.

Within the last week, Nick's personal email account has been hacked twice by an unknown party. In turn, this person has also created a fraudulent Facebook account under the name "Nicholas Episcopia" which Nick's campaign has managed to deactivate. This bogus Facebook profile is not to be confused with Nick's actual Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NickEpiscopia) which is run by his campaign volunteers.

Establishing a fraudulent Facebook account is classified as "criminal impersonation" under the NYS penal code and a Class A misdemeanor. A formal complaint is being filed with the proper law enforcement authorities.

There have been comments posted on the Garden City Patch insinuating that under a handle, Nick has been posting negative comments about his opponent. Obviously, this is completely fabricated.

If you have any questions regarding these matters, please contact me at jmoody8328@aol.com and I will ask Mr. Episcopia to respond to your questions. Thank you and we hope to see you at the polls voting for Nick Episcopia on Jan. 31.

(Editor's Note: Joe Moody is corresponding secretary of the Eastern Property Owners' Association.)

Don Pfail January 28, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Sorry this is Nothing New, hacking is all too common! Just as long as there is no financial loss! Where is the succession plan? Either candidate says nothing on it.


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