Letter to Editor: Create a Garden City Film Commission

Garden City resident Terence Kenny submitted the following letter to the editor.

I don't think we have a Garden City Film Commission. If not, I think we need to create one as soon as possible. Nassau County just recently received $16,000 for using the Nassau County Executive and Legislative building. I think it was for one day of preparing to film for the television show The Good Wife and one day of filming the scene(s). The county also received $4,000 for security, custodial services and for an engineer to be on site. I think the outside and inside of would be great for filming movies, television and commercials. The money obtained from filming could be used to continue to make the repairs that need to be made at St. Paul's. Filming could also be done at other village properties - the building, and many other buildings, homes and sites in Garden City. I am sure the board of trustees would approve this, as long as they are filmed at an appropriate time as to minimize any inconveniences to village residents and businesses.


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