Letter to Editor: Estates POA Run-Off Election Runs Smoothly

William Slattery, Estates POA president and co-chairman of Estates POA Election Committee thanks all those involved.

Last Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Estates POA ran a run-off election for one of its trustee positions. With only two weeks allowed to prepare for that event, the election posed some very difficult and challenging logistical considerations in order to meet the required deadlines.

Among the range of items required were ordering four lever voting machines, four ballot boxes, printing of sample ballots and paper ballots, ordering name cards and badges, requesting school permits, ordering a delivery truck for the  voting machines, obtaining two notaries, setting up an Estates POA Election Committee, coordinating three shifts of 21 volunteers to serve as poll watchers/inspectors, ordering food for volunteers, selecting an election commissioner and deputy commissioner, obtaining necessary signatures from both candidates' teams on a multitude of required documents, coordinating  a police presence to be at the polls and assisting in traffic control, running all legal questions through the by-laws and compliance committee, overseeing the printing of voting signature forms and binders, not to mention, the endless bits of last-minute minutia that seemed to keep increasing right up to the moment the polls opened until the last vote was counted and recorded.

Despite its initial daunting prospects, the election went off very smoothly, meeting all of its deadlines thanks to the collective efforts of the numerous volunteers and agencies involved.

I would be remiss, however, not to single out and thank by name several key individuals whose tremendous efforts made it all possible. These individuals are as follows: Election Commissioner Linda Sheridan and her husband, Mark Sheridan; Deputy Election Commissioner Norma Takach; co-chairman Election Committee and notary Thomas  O’Rourke, esq.; Estates POA secretary and notary, Michael Holland, esq.; Estates POA treasuerer Matthew Abrusci, esq.; director of By-Laws and Compliance Committee Manny Velez; Estates POA director of Nominating Committee John Skramko; printing and binding of election and voter’s signature forms Randy Colahan; school superintendent Dr. Robert Feirsen; asst. school superintendent Dr. Albert Chase; school board president Colleen Foley; the administration and staff of Stratford School; police commissioner Ernest Cipullo and the Garden City Police Department; village administrator Bob Schoelle; village clerk Brian Ridgway; and the Nassau County Board of Elections and staff.

Now with the run-off election behind us, the Estates POA congratulates trustee Brian Daughney on his win and looks forward to fully supporting him and the rest of the Community Agreement candidates in the village general election in March.

Publius February 09, 2012 at 06:53 PM
I too appreciate the significant effort made to hold the run off elections in both the East and the Estates.


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