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Letter to Editor: Flashing Advisory Signs Are Probably Best Compromise

Garden City High School grad William Lee submitted the following letter to the editor.

Merillon Avenue and Rockaway Avenue intersection
Merillon Avenue and Rockaway Avenue intersection
I've studied various rumble strip applications and other traffic calming features in different parts of the country over the years.Let me know if there are any other meetings on this issue. I'll try to attend. Checking with AAA engineer is a good idea. One can also hit up the ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) for some ideas, but I don't know exactly what concerns are needing to be addressed, other than excessive speed.

What's the five or 10 year accident history? I've run this intersection several times a day recently; I'll catch a gander. I do firmly recall being taught in HS Driver's Ed, like in '69, that running Rockaway west onto Merillon, one should put up left turn signal to advise those running through Rockaway on to Stewart Ave that they need to yield, as is now signed. As Rockaway is deemed a county road by the article, chances are that those running Rockaway west onto Merillon should actually yield to those running Rockaway east towards Stewart Ave.

Any county traffic study would most likely conclude this, although it will make intersection geometrics more complicated. This would include requiring an additional "Storage Pocket," or left turn lane, in the center of Rockaway heading north just before HS so as to allow those continuing towards the intersection with Herricks/Old Country Rd. to pass on the right.

I don't think the traffic counts are high enough to warrant a Signalized Intersection like the three-way can-of-worms put in when the LIRR grade crossing was eliminated, nor will it much help the prevailing pedestrian traffic pattern. Flashing Advisory Signs are probably the best compromise.

I'd really like to provide some qualified review on their proposed placement.


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