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Letter to Editor: Solar Carports in the Village

Solar carports make ugly parking lots look better and the village can make some income.

Let's face it, parking lots are usually not pretty.

Why not install solar carports in some - or all - of our village-owned parking lots and have the village make some much needed revenue? Suffolk County has already had solar carports installed in some parking lots owned by Suffolk County.

Here is how it works. The village would put out a request for proposals to have solar carports installed in village-owned parking lots. Solar companies that can install solar carports submit competitive bids to install solar carports. The solar company that wins the bid leases the land from the village where the solar carports are going to be installed. The village collects income from leasing the land and the village is not responsible for any installation or maintenance costs.

I can understand why the village does not want solar panels placed on the front roofs of homes for asthetic reasons. I think solar carports make ugly parking lots look better and the village can make some income. Solar carports also give you some protection from the rain, hot sun and snow. We could also make sure that solar carports are placed around any trees, so the trees are not cut down.

Please note that I am just an enthusiast for solar power and I do not work for or derive any income from the solar industry.


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