Letter to the Editor:  Why we do need the GC Police & Fire Departments by Francine Ryan, Candidate for Village Trustee representing the East

One of the prime reasons for moving to Garden City is the services the town offers – services that are critical to our safety and well being. The GC Police and Fire Departments have dedicated professionals – and I’ll bet that everyone reading this has been the beneficiary of their prompt, caring and professional response when a problem presents itself.  Thank God for our police and fire fighters.

Unfortunately for our residents, instead of exhibiting a desire to have an honest discussion of the issues Mr. Donnelly has charted a course lined with deceit and misinformation. Regarding the important topics of the Police and Fire Departments, this is an issue I elaborated well before Mr. Donnelly’s postcard mailing and energetic efforts to mislead residents about my position on both GC Police and Fire Departments. I will reiterate what I have already proclaimed prior to Mr. Donnelly's perversions of my opinions and ideas:  

1. RE: POLICE: I actually said (in the context of raising new revenues for the village) the fact that when someone needs to be taken to the hospital from Garden City, they now go in a Nassau County ambulance and their insurance company is billed for that trip and the monies go to Nassau County. If we have the police and/or fire departments of Garden City perform that service to our residents (every Long Beach paid firefighter is also trained in EMS, for example), Garden City would be able to receive that money from the person’s insurance provider. I support our police and the heroism they perform on a daily basis. (I have been candid throughout this process, as evidence please visit, http://www.ryanfortrustee.com/more_from_francine)

2. RE: THE FIRE DEPARTMENT: The rash action Mr. Donnelly took when he voted to close our firehouse at night without doing the “Community Risk Assessment” the ICMA Report demanded means Mr. Donnelly approved putting you, your home and family at risk. The fact is more than half of all fires happen at night and for every extra minute it takes to get a fire truck to your home, a fire doubles in size.  

More of Mr. Donnelly's inaccurate and misleading statements can be found here, http://gardencity.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/firefighters-compelled-to-address-trustees-comments   

I’ve given proactive ideas to increase productivity, efficiency and revenues and hope to have an honest discourse about our opinions and ideas on how to improve our Village. I look forward to that as we approach Election Day on this Tuesday, January 29th, from 4:30pm to 9:00pm at Stewart School

Francine Ryan, Candidate for Village Trustee Representing the East
john ertle January 26, 2013 at 09:57 PM
Ms. Ryan Lets think about your stellar idea of starting the GC Ambulance Corps. I would assume we would need at east 2 to 3 Ambulance Vehicles to start this effort. Would you agree they would cost the Village approx 10Ok each? Now lets think about how much it would cost to staff this project, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. How many paramedics would we need, 8 - 10? At how much each per year, 80 -100k each plus benefits? Lets say 125k each. So we now have year one costs of 1.5 before pension cost accruals and before we insure this project. Lets not forget the maintenance of the vehicles and the admin staff to do all the billing for the insurance revenue you expect from this idea. While I'm not at familiar with all the needs for an ambulance corp, clearly the costs involved would exceed revenue projections, even if you came up with any. How can you propose an idea so radical without putting pen to paper? And I think you may have said that our current police and fire staff could man this operation? When do you suppose they will do this, on their lunch and dinner breaks? You of all people, with your tremendous union support background, should know that this woud never work and the union would never allow existing staff to do this. Now lets look at your concern for the trustees decision by a 7 -1 vote to not staff the Clinton firehouse at night. Is this really about safety or is it to garner support of the union and the staff and make the trustees, who you want to develop cooperative relationships with, look bad! Or is it another sound bite, much like last year when you were Mr. Segerdahls campaign party supporter and made a fool of yourself at the January 2012 EPOA meeting by blaming the trustees for the rash of robberies and their lack of communication. At this point the Clnton stations staffing has not changed and will not change until the Chief, who is in a far better position than you to review the trustees recommendation and come back to them with his review and plan. Until then stop the fear tactics and use of this issue just because you have never developed a plan to increase revenues and reduce expenses. This is clearly the case because if you had a plan you would not be wasting your time peddling this issue and the plan to increase salary, benefit and pension costs with your new ambulance division. I'm amazed at how deficient your campaign has been considering your professed success in the marketing industry! If you and your party mate, Greg Blair were truly interested in the future of Garden City, as well as the reduction of budget expenses, you should have taken the time to attend today,s first BUDGET meeting where the Capital expense plan was reviewed. Showing at least a little interest in this meeting, two days before you ask residents for support in each of the POA primariies would have helped mask your real reason for mounting this campaign. It is appalling that neither of you made the meeting, but at the same time not surprising to me and many others.
john ertle January 26, 2013 at 10:41 PM
Jack You are right on target with your assessment, Larry Quinn would be a better Mayor than John Watras. He is considerate, listens to residents, has spearheaded charges to save our local environment, water and air, and supported expense and pension reductions and is not a one issue candidate. The things that come to mind during the terms of Mr. Watras are him being another CSSP supporter, always voting in lockstep with the Mayor on all St. Paul's issues, speaking to other board members using derogatory words heard by the public during board meetings, providing his fellow board members with rude hand gestures and pouting when meetings run past 10 pm and he is asked to go into executive session. Anyone who as attended the meetings knows that this is 100% accurate. He has not contributed anything to the process. And the reports of him advancing the budget process are not accurate. But now it's his turn. I wonder how extensive his interview with the nominating committee was and if they looked back at his tenure to review his time on the BOT. I wonder if he was even interviewed! Considering the chair of the west nominating committee is or was a paid publicity director of the CSSP, is it any wonder his nomination was set in stone?
John Davis January 27, 2013 at 08:39 AM
If you really want to be a Trustee how can you miss the First Budget Meeting? The first night you are an acting Trustee you vote on the Budget! If you do not know all the facts how can you make an assessment on how to vote? Mrs. Ryan has made many outlandish suggestions. Based on her comments, she clearly has no understanding of the budget or the budget process.
GCBob January 27, 2013 at 10:14 AM
If the budget meeting was a meeting about St. Paul's, Ms. Ryan and Mr. Blair would have been there with bells on pulling the CSSP sleigh. But I guess these type of meetings are just not important enough for them to attend like everyother BOT, POA and School Board meeting, way to go to show your public support and your commitment by not attending anything until it serves your political agenda.
Reed Marcus January 29, 2013 at 12:58 AM
Ryan is not responding because there is no answer. She may have seen Blair's response which just went up in flames. They both expect to win so they both continue to re-state their comments without valid responses to their inadequacies. We need to copy these comments into emails and send them to people we know who must go out and vote later today. The only way these two challengers win is if residents don't go out and vote. People need to hear what Blair said in his reply about his absence at the budget meeting. There are other random posts which are so telling that you wonder if they they think that can say anything. If these two challengers win, this village is in alot more trouble than just the St. Paul's issue. Their total lack of experience and basic knowledge/understanding will bring the village to a standstill and will result in irreversible set backs. The village has very serious matters that are being handled well. If these two challengers, Blair and Ryan, get onto the board, their ignorance of the issues and how to deal with them will be extremely detrimental. Get more emails out to your friends and neighbors, make phone calls. This election today is extremely important!!


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