One Last Word From Robert Rothschild

Outgoing mayor gets personal.

On A Personal Note: This is my last column. My term as mayor comes to an end April 4. WOW! Two years flies by when you are having so much fun! Seriously, it has been my privilege to have served on the board of trustees for the past eight years and the last two as mayor. I congratulate and thank Don Brudie, our mayor-elect, new Estates trustee John DeMaro and our re-elected trustees Cavanaugh, Donnelly and Quinn along with incumbent trustees Daughney, Episcopia and Watras.

Trustees are elected to assist village staff in the efficient delivery of services that residents expect and at the same time manage the associated costs and expenses at an acceptable level. Considering the difficult economic time we live in, I think this board has accomplished that.

At the same time, we have addressed a number of issues, some more difficult than others. We were  directly involved in the village representation at the Town of Hempstead hearings on the Nassau Coliseum HUB site and the LIRR third track expansion proposal. We finalized changes to our village zoning law. We initiated a full comprehensive review of all the village insurance policies for the first time in many years, which we expect to afford us better coverage and premium savings. With collaboration with the POAs the Citizen Budget Review Advisory Committee is now an invaluable direct contributor to the review of the village budget review process.

There was always a difference of opinion of whether we needed the fence along Stewart Avenue at St. Paul’s, but I must say that I have not had ONE negative comment since its installation two years ago. We have created a new committee of trustees to review the organizational structure of village staff to capture people and monetary efficiencies where possible.

After 18 YEARS we have taken the obsolete St. Paul’s Main Building and Ellis Hall through the last of the iterations for alternative uses. We have fully documented through the Final Environmental Impact Statement the process and cost of demolition. We have adopted a Findings Statement which confirms there is no viable, acceptable, economical and financially feasible alternative use for this building in its existing configuration and have made the decision to demolish the Main Building and Ellis Hall and create additional recreational open space.

It has been the sense of the board that the residents are unwilling to pay to preserve and then continue to pay to maintain this obsolete building which, if preserved, would have no active use for the majority of residents. On April 27, residents will be asked if they approve the bond resolution adopted by the board of trustees to issue bonds not to exceed $3,750,000 to finance the demolition of the Main Building and Ellis Hall and create additional open space.

I thank Bob Schoelle and all village staff for their guidance and support for the last eight years. My sincere thanks to all residents of the village for allowing me to serve you as mayor.

Finally, I thank my wife Valerie and my daughters Claudia and Claire for their love, support and understanding.

Little League Parade: April 9 marks the opening of the 2011 Little League baseball/softball season. The annual Little League parade will step off promptly at 9 a.m from Village Parking Field 9E onto Tenth Street and proceed south on Franklin Avenue to Seventh Street, west on Seventh Street to Hilton Avenue, north on Hilton Avenue to Stewart Avenue for ceremonies at the Village Green.

With the opening of Little League, parents are especially encouraged to pay particular attention to driving safely in the area of village athletic fields. As youngsters are on their way to and from their scheduled games, many of them will dart between parked cars and will fail to look while crossing the street. Let’s make this season not only a happy one but also a safe one in our village.

I would like to take this time to congratulate the Garden City Athletic Association on their 56th year and thank their officers, directors, managers, coaches and all that are involved in such a great volunteer organization. Not only do they touch the lives of so many youngsters, they have been a valuable asset to our community. Please plan to attend the parade and given them and the players your support.

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule: The next board of trustees meeting will be the annual organizational meeting on April 4 at 8 p.m. The meeting will be held in the boardroom at village hall.

Village's Website: I encourage residents to periodically utilize the village’s website for information regarding the village’s operations, as well as items of seasonal and special interest. The address is www.gardencityny.net. For your convenience, listed on the village’s home page under the heading of the Fire Department is a sub-heading “Home Safety Tips” which includes information regarding propane barbecue grills and housekeeping for fire prevention, etc.

Bill Sweeney April 01, 2011 at 04:41 PM
Well, we'll see what Mayor-Elect Brudie has to say about replacing St. Paul's with some more grass...
Manuel Velez April 01, 2011 at 05:28 PM
Rob, I want to personally thank you for all that you have done for the Village. I hope that in your mayoral retirement we still keep in touch. And certainly, be sure to visit, at your leisure, the monthly Estates POA meetings. I also want to thank Valerie for allowing us to borrow you for so long, as well as for her input too. I am sure to see you both around town, thanks.
Don Pfail April 05, 2011 at 05:20 PM
Rob, Thanks for your time away from your family - no one really can appreciate what it takes unless they do it. Can remember POA Board Meetings at Village Hall lasting past 11PM. Putting things in perspective - one asks is it truly worth it? - I know you will say "Yes". Good health and enjoy!!!
Donald S Dittmer May 22, 2011 at 12:11 AM
Rothschild is as corrupt as they come. He covered-up a security issue for 6.5 years and no one wants to tell The People that a ' Terrorist-Item ' can be put on one of our first due Fire Trucks for 4 days without notice - this was done at the end of Sept 2004 and Rothdchild didn't want to hear it when one person was trying to get back into the Fire Dept. This security-test made the term ' Homegrown Terrorist ' become a phrase years before the Fed Gov't started using it. Your Mayor, State and Fed politicians don't care about the safety of The Residents of garden City or Rothschild would've thrown out of office before leaving! The current Fire Chief says ' Yeah, this could probably happen again, so what? ' How do you feel that the FD Chief thinks that it's ok for a terrorist to put something on our fire trucks so that we can deliver it while they detonate it! Could happen at any school, stores, office bldg's, political offices or anywhere and the Mayor, and others, don't care about it to do something about it (1 or 2 steps) or tell you's about it. Rothschild got away with ABUSE of Power, Threatened someone with 3 Village attorneys 6 years later and the Village Boards (Trustees) have also known about this since it happened 6.5 years ago. WHAT do you think of your Village Gov't now?
Jack O'Niel May 22, 2011 at 03:15 AM
Ok, and the patriot action network comes to patch. This should be interesting.


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