At Least 4 Injured in Multi-Car Crash on Old Country Road

Accident near Garden City-Mineola border shuts down traffic in both directions.

A multiple car accident on the Garden City-Mineola border sent at least four people to the hospital late Wednesday afternoon.

The crash occurred at the busy intersection of Old Country Road and Washington Avenue. Witnesses say one car was rushing to make a green light when it smashed into a second vehicle, sending it onto nearby Roslyn Road.

One of the occupants of the smaller vehicle was trapped in her car until firefighters arrived at the scene and freed her using hydraulic tools.

A third and fourth vehicle were also involved in the accident. Several occupants of those cars sustained injuries.

Members of the responded to the injured, transporting them to a nearby hospital.

Old Country Road was closed in both directions for a short time while emergency crews cleared the area.

Matthew Hogan April 25, 2012 at 10:28 PM
I always see people rushing through that intersection. Obviously gets worse around rush hour, but that whole area from Franklin to east of the mall is always a nightmare, filled with a plethora of bad drivers.


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