Cops: Another Overdose Victim Revived with Narcan

Man overdoses on "unknown opium drug" in nearby Baldwin, cops said.

Another overdose victim was revived using Narcan Thursday afternoon, according to Nassau County Police.

A 911 call sent police and AMTs rushing to Barnes Avenue in Baldwin at 4:55 p.m. Thursday, cops said. Responding officers found an 18-year-old man who was unresponsive after overdosing on an "unknown opium drug," police said.

AMTs quickly administered a dosage of the drug Narcan which revived the victim, whose identity was not released.

The victim was brought to a nearby hospital for further medical evaluation.

Thursday's incident is the sixth reported by Nassau County Police where Narcan was used to revive an overdose victim. Reports have been scattered across the south shore in Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Wantagh, and Merrick.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans last week to make Narcan available for all first responders in the state. 

Overdose reports involving Narcan:

old miller June 20, 2014 at 11:02 PM
I am not interested in those who minimize / misrepresent today's heroin issue as a "centuries-old problem" that needs to run its course. Further, I do not think that everyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one or friend due to opiate dependency fully understands the intricacies of the issue at hand, as evidenced by many of the comments above. Finally, I find it inhuman to suggest that those who have developed an opiate-dependency, or the parents of those who are addicted to opiates, are somehow whimsically playing withe their lives or condoning such behavior… NO LIFE is unworthy of saving.
Christopher Wendt June 21, 2014 at 08:37 AM
I think the whimsy stops shortly after the first try at using heroin, maybe by the third time, when the dependency takes over. Then it goes from whimsy to life-or-death, and you go from whomever you were, from whatever else you used to be...to having become a junkie. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a TV commercial where a guy is in a medical exam gown in a doctor's office, and the doctor enters the room repeatedly pronouncing dire diagnoses: lung cancer, etc. The call to action in that ad is: "If you don't plan to quit (smoking) then what are you planning for?" There are several diagnoses which, upon receiving them, are life-changing: melanoma, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, cancer of the brain, etc. When one of those diagnoses is rendered, everything in that person's life, and in the life of that person changes, instantly and dramatically. All resources, financial and temporal, are poured into finding and taking treatment, and praying, hoping, and working very hard for the person to be cured, despite sometimes long statistical odds against that happening. An emergency has been visited upon that family, and they generally react accordingly and in unison. I submit that cancer, like heroin addiction, has plagued mankind for centuries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ But with heroin addiction, the reaction to the first emergency, that initial "diagnosis" or discovery of the onset of addiction, is often more denial of, or negotiating with, the very facts of life, instead of halting everything and dealing full-force with the addiction, isolating the victim and starting effective treatment, spending the necessary money and taking the required time to effect a cure. Putting NARCAN in every police car and fire department ambulance is not treating heroin addiction and not dealing with anything other than the acute bio-medical effects of an overdose in hopes of warding off the Grim Reaper...this time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Absent vigorously dealing with the addiction and seeking a hard, professional cure, revival by NARCAN should not be considered as "another chance at life"; if nothing else changes in the life of that junkie and of his/her family, then that NARCAN revival simply becomes another chance for an early death.
FedUpRealist June 23, 2014 at 05:37 PM
...and who pays for the product, time and energy WASTED on this useless piece of human excrement????....That's right, the hard working, OVER-TAXED, law abiding rube...With too many people in this world, can't we reduce the population by letting these UNPRODUCTIVE WARDS OF THE TAXPAYER live on the under side of terra firma???


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