Crime Blotter: Nor'easter, CO Poisoning and a Trapped Owl

It was a busy week for the police department.

It's been a busy week for vilage police.
It's been a busy week for vilage police.
The following arrest information was supplied by the Garden City police department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Oct. 30: A motorcycle traveling north on Washington Avenue struck a van traveling east on Stewart Avenue. The operator of the motorcycle, a male 20-year-old from Mineola, was fatally injured. The passenger on the motorcycle, a female 18-year-old from Mineola, received an arm injury injuries and was transported to Winthrop Hospital by ambulance. The operator of the van, a male 52-year-old from Garden City, and the passenger, a female 14-year-old, were not injured. Garden City and Nassau County detectives are continuing the investigation of this incident.

Oct. 31: A police officer was able to assist an elderly resident who could not exit his residence due to fallen trees blocking both the rear and front entrances of his home.

Nov. 2: A window to a vehicle parked at St. Joseph’s School was found damaged.

Nov. 3: Officer Reilly arrested a male 47-year-old from Far Rockaway for leaving the scene of a property damaged two vehicle accident in Parking Field 7S.

Nov. 4: With the help of a St Paul’s Place resident, Garden City officers, Sgt. Braun and Officer Graber freed a large owl that became entangled in a soccer net on the field of St Paul’s School. The officers were able to secure the owl with a snare and cut the netting around him. They then untangled the netting around his neck and talons of the owl who then flew away apparently uninjured.

Nov. 5: As a result of an investigation regarding the theft of $3,900 from a Garden City Plaza business bank account in May 2012, Garden City detectives arrested a female 27-year-old from Brooklyn for the incident and charged her with grand larceny.

Nov. 5: Garden City detectives arrested a male 29-year-old and a male 42-year-old, both from Brooklyn, for two counts of grand larceny at Sears. On Nov. 1, the two subjects purchased a TV and a Blu-Ray player totaling $1,800 in value using the credit account of a Maryland individual without permission or authorization. On Nov. 5, the two subjects again used the same credit account to purchase two televisions totaling $2,600 in value. In addition to the grand larceny charges, the male 42-year-old was found to be in possession of numerous forged credit cards and licenses belonging to other persons. He was additionally charged with seven counts of possession of forged documents, one count of forgery and two counts of identity theft.

Nov. 5: The fender to a vehicle parked in Parking Field 7S was damaged by unknown means.

Nov. 6: The police and fire departments responded to a Garden City residence for a report of possible carbon monoxide poisoning. Upon arrival, it was determined that five family members required transport to a local hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a generator  being operated in the garage.

Nov. 7: Due to a Nor'easter, the police and fire departments responded to New Hyde Park Road where there were transformer explosions on recently repaired electric lines from Storm Sandy causing wires to fall to the ground resulting in fires, power outages, dangerous road conditions and street closures. In addition the incident resulted in railroad gate malfunctions at the Stewart Manor and Nassau Boulevard train stations.

Sandy: During the days following the storm, the department has made numerous well checks of persons, particularly elderly residents or residents with special needs, who were in their homes without power and were not able to contact family members as to their well-being. As the officers responded to these residences, they ensured that the residents were okay and as necessary, helped the residents get needed assistance.

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