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Cops: Brooklyn Woman Murdered Housemate, Spread…

Mangano: Alleged Cop Killer an 'Animal'

Suspect Darrell Fuller had spent five years in prison for attempted murder in 2004.

(Credit: Matt Hogan)
(Credit: Matt Hogan)
(Editor's Note: Matt Hogan wrote this story.)

A Nassau police officer's murder has left the county's politicians and police officials wondering why the suspect was still walking the streets.

"One can only wonder how an animal like this could roam the streets with his rap sheet," Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said at a press conference Tuesday night just hours after police officer Arthur Lopez was allegedly shot by suspect Darrell Fuller.

Fuller allegedly gunned down Lopez after a short pursuit from a previous incident. A short time later, he fatally shot 52-year-old Raymond Facey in the head near the Cross Island Parkway in order to take Facey's car.

Before Tuesday's incident, the 33-year-old Fuller had spent five years in prison after being convicted of attempted murder in 2004, according to the county executive.

Shortly after his release, Mangano said Fuller was arrested again in 2010 "for selling crack-cocaine on the streets of Nassau County."

"Sadly, this violent, felony offender did only nine months before he was paroled again and caused today's deaths," Mangano said. "The laws of the State of New York really must change in order to prevent officers like Arthur Lopez from losing his life."

According to the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Fuller was still on probation for his attempted murder conviction.

Nassau County Police Benevolent Association President Jim Carver said Fuller should be locked up permanently after Tuesday's shooting.

"The rules have to change, you kill somebody, you don't see the [light of day] again," he said. "... They should not be let loose and kill again. This is a very sad day for everybody."


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