Pregnant Woman, Kids Involved in Garden City Park Crash

Firefighters and police respond to accident on Nassau Boulevard.

A pregnant woman was pinned in her car Wednesday evening after her vehicle collided with another on Nassau Boulevard in Garden City Park.

The accident occurred around 6 p.m. and were on the scene quickly. They were able to extracate the woman from her car within 15 minutes. She did not suffer any serious injuries, according to Nassau County Police officers, who also responded to the crash. She was transported to the hospital though, along with two children, who were passengers in the other vehicle. Cops say the kids were in stable condition and did not appear to be injured.

Police could not release specific details about the crash, but they suspected that one of the drivers may have run the traffic light at the intersection of Nassau Boulevard and the entrance to the parking lot of King Kullen. Traffic was temporarily shut down on Nassau Boulevard near the scene of the crash as police conducted their investigation and the vehicles were towed away. 

KPB May 03, 2012 at 03:43 PM
People have to learn to drive responsibly. Every day there is an accident report on this website. Thank God no one was seriously hurt unlike the young man on Covert Avenue who was killed last weekend. It's not that hard - stop speeding, stop tailgating, turn into the correct lane, make a full stop at red lights and STOP signs, get off the cell phone and stop texting (NOTHING is that important when driving), use your turn signals (other drivers and pedestrians are not mind readers), give your driving 100% of your attention and lives will be saved..


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