Kenneth Jackson Swears in as New Police Commissioner

Mayor Don Brudie administers the oath of office as members of the police department, community look on.

Mayor Don Brudie administers the oath of office to police commissioner Kenneth Jackson. (Credit: Victoria Centrella)
Mayor Don Brudie administers the oath of office to police commissioner Kenneth Jackson. (Credit: Victoria Centrella)
Members of the Garden City Police Department watched proudly as Mayor Don Brudie administered the oath of office to Kenneth Jackson, Garden City's newly appointed police commissioner, during Thursday's village board meeting.

“There's probably not enough kind words to say about his attributes and his accomplishments,” said deputy mayor John Watras, who ran through a long list of accolades Jackson has received throughout his career, including awards of merit, special recognitions and honorable memberships. He earned the PTA's Honorary Membership Award in 2010.

“We are so proud of you. Your accomplishments are outstanding,” Watras added. “Thank you, I can’t say enough.”

Jackson first became a Garden City police officer in 1985 after serving as a New York City Transit police officer for four years. He was assigned to the department's detective unit in 1990 and was promoted to sergeant in 1991, lieutenant in 1995 and inspector in 2005.

Jackson was also unanimously appointed to the village's Traffic Commission.

Jack O'Niel December 07, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Traffic Commission? Didn't know we had one. Maybe someone can let them know there's a lot more out there than Clinton Rd and the Village parking lots. Start pulling people over for speeding everywhere in the Village.
D.R.St-Jacques December 08, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Agree with you Jack. Frankly there seems to be too many cases of vehicles speedin throughout the village. I have seens cars accelerating to high speed in a single block and this block is near the Stratford Ave school, Stop signs have come to mean nothing. Whilst walking I have watched vehicles, coming from Tanners Pond Rd. going east and increasing speed and then blowing through the stop sign near the school.Though I am retired from the NYCPolice Dept. I can judge with some accuracy, vehicles that might be speeding. My daughter, who is a Lieut in the NYCPD and a victum of the storm that hit Long Beach (total loss of her house) and she is living with us until she can rebuild, indicated to me that she is shocked at the speed at which too many vehicle travel on Stratford Ave. While growing up here in Garden City, she went to Statford Ave school thense to Junior high and the senior High School. She remembers more police enforcement of the areas in those days. Within one block from Stewart Ave to Stratford Ave, I have seen a car accelerate and pass another moving car. Completely unsafe. Let's try to bring back some sanity to our road traffic.


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