POLL: Garden City Middle School Left Turn Signal Installed

New traffic signal up and running, as scheduled.

A left turn signal intended to ease traffic and improve safety for Stewart Avenue westbound traffic turning into the parking lot is now up and running.

Nassau County Department of Public Works crews began work earlier this month. The installation was completed on schedule.

According to Garden City Department of Public Works director Robert Mangan, the village requested the turn signal and the county agreed to install the same and expand the project to also include a left turn signal for eastbound traffic on Stewart Avenue turning onto Rockaway Avenue heading north.


Garden City Middle School PTA director Dina Muldoon said the safety of all those entering the parking lot was a parent teacher association concern for many years.

Garden City Middle School principal Dr. Peter Osroff agreed. "We all have been working very hard over many years to get this turn signal installed," he said.

Superintendent of schools Dr. Robert Feirsen said school district officials beleive the new turn signal will provide an added level of safety for the entire school community. "We appreciate the assistance provided by the village and local elected officials in securing the signal,” he said.

Thirteen accidents occurred at the Stewart Avenue/Rockaway Avenue intersection in 2011, according to Garden City Police Inspector Kenneth Jackson.

david stevens January 31, 2012 at 02:48 PM
The left turn signal by the Middle School is a home run. Now, how about fixing Stewart and Clinton.
George January 31, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Agree....Home RUN! No more need to make a u turn by st. pauls just to not wait 3 light cycles.....better and safer!
LJ February 04, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Totally agree. I live near Stewart School and always hated to go there when my child was attending school . WAY too dangerous to make a left hand turn if you are on Clinton heading south and want to go east on Stewart. What a mess, you take your life in your hands. No excuse. Lights have hardly changed here in the last twenty years, but the traffic feels like it has tripled. Time for the town to face reality...we are not a pleasant country village anynmore. Protect our kids and all of our citizens. More lights where needed!!


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