Sound Off: Donation Bins Around Town

A new law will protect non-profit organizations.

The Town of Hempstead Board recently passed a new law protecting non-profit and charitable organizations that operate collection bins within the town.

Many non-profit and charitable organizations set up collection bins that take in donations of clothing, toys and other items that ultimately benefit people in need in Hempstead Town's local communities.

Under the new law, collection bin operators are now required to obtain an identification sticker through Hempstead Town's building Department. The sticker will signify it as a town-permitted collection bin for use in connection with charitable purposes.

According to a release from the town, the new legislation prevents profiteering individuals from setting up drop boxes in local communities. Many of these profiteers deceive unsuspecting residents by misrepresenting their bins as collection boxes for worthy philanthropic endeavors. These "for profit" groups resell many of the items and convey only a small fraction of the proceeds to charitable causes.

Would you still donate to charities without the Town of Hempstead sticker? Tell us in the comment section below.


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