Village Board Ponders Bringing Back Belmont Parade

Village officials discuss Belmont festivities, pool opening, overtime and police at June 7 meeting.

Garden City’s board of trustees met Thursday to discuss some of the most current and important issues impacting the village. Here is an overview of some of the most important topics discussed among officials at the June 7 meeting. 

Village Reports 

Village Clerk Brian Ridgway reported on the annual Belmont Festival on Garden City’s Seventh Street. “It really is a wonderful evening,” said Ridgway. “ The committee has done a phenomenal job.”  (Click here to see photos from the event.)

While almost all residents and village officials agree that the festival is uplifting and a great event to bring the community together, Mayor Don Brudie questioned the removal of the parade that had accompanied the festival years ago. 

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“Why is the parade out?” Brudie questioned to the board. “ Everyone enjoyed it.” Brudie suggested that the board “look into that for next year.” 

In response to Brudie’s suggestion, Village Administrator Robert Schoelle, Jr. mentioned a problem with obtaining musical acts for the parade.

“In order to have a viable parade, you need a band,” said Schoelle, who noted that the village now “concentrates on having a viable street fair.”  According to Schoelle, the local schools are not able to provide the music, and many of the bands from the fire departments are not available. 

Deputy Mayor John Watras also agreed with Brudie. “It would be nice to have a parade too that honors the fire department and the police department and the sports teams in Garden City,” he stated. 

“Let’s reinstate this for next year,” said Brudie. 


Kevin Ocker, chairman for the Board of Commissioners of Cultural and Recreational Affairs announced that opening day for the pool will be Saturday, June 9 at noon.  “ We’re looking forward to a great summer,” sad Ocker. 

The pool will also hold two open houses to entice residents who do not belong yet to see the new facility and encourage them to join. The first open house took place June 10 and the next will be held on June 16. 

Ocker was also happy to report that “all work under the bond has been completed with the exception of one shade structure.” Ocker explained that this work will be done at night when the pool has closed for the day. 

Trustee Laurence Quinn also expressed his excitement about the opening of the new facility.  Do try and come by and see the pool,” he urged residents. “ It looks sharp.” 

Overtime Report

Trustee Nicholas Episcopia reported on the overtime for May of 2012.  “In the month of May 2011 we had 422 hours, and $16,700 spent for overtime. In May 2012, there was a 100 percent decrease with 216 hours, and $8,338 in overtime.”

The village has been working on tightening up the budget and looking more into the hours spent on overtime. 

Police Update

Deputy Mayor Watras reported briefly on some statistics in the department for May 2012. “May was a busy month,” said Watras. According to his report, the department handled 17 arrests and five felonies.  (Click here to access the latest Garden City Police Blotter.)

“Several of the arrests were on assault, domestics, ID theft and forgery, traffic and drugs,” stated Watras. He also reported that there were 866 calls in total to the department, 101 investigations, 116 auto accidents and 109 medical aided cases. 

These reports also come shortly after the retirement of Police Commissioner Ernest J. Cipullo. 

Mayor Brudie reported that as of May 31 Cipullo, who has been with the Garden City Police Department for 51 years, has retired. 

“Cipullo was appointed as a police officer on April 20, 1961,” said Brudie. “ In his service time as a police officer he has received 27 citations.”  Cipullo becmae police commissioner in 1981, where he has served up until his retirement. 

“Garden City was not only a better place, but a safer place because of Cipullo,” stated Brudie. “We will miss you.” 

Bill Sweeney June 11, 2012 at 06:30 PM
There should be a parade again. And there should be another "Belmont" one other time during the summer. You could do it one year as a test. Perhaps towards the end of July. It's everyone's favorite night/event. I think even if it's not as much as Belmont, it would be well attended and give a great boost to the businesses. Perhaps you could tie it into a GC sports team celebration/parade. There should also be more effort to involve Franklin and NHP Rd businesses.
Sandy Fitzsimmons June 12, 2012 at 02:03 AM
The new setup at the pool is a disaster for parents with kids 6 and under. Why did they not consult our demographic when planning this? So many of my friends are truly upset with this situation.
Steve I June 12, 2012 at 03:38 AM
Concerning the overtime report it looks like a 50% decrease in OT as a 100% decrease would mean there was no OT at all.
Jack O'Niel June 12, 2012 at 01:48 PM
The sprinklers are gone now and the wading pool has a swingset in the middle?
Sally Carson June 12, 2012 at 02:25 PM
That's the math of politicians for you! I thought the same thing when I read it - amazing what they come out with.


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