A Behind-the-Scenes Look at AUPAC with Blyth Daylong

The Adelphi University Performing Arts Center kicking off its fifth season.

He's a "conductor" but not a musician. He keeps "on his toes" but isn't a dancer. He "works with the stage" but isn't an actor.

The mystery man is Blyth Daylong, who works with musicians, actors, dancers, artists and performers as the new executive director of the Adelphi University Performing Arts Center (AUPAC). He started in his new position last December.

Daylong's goal is for AUPAC to "become the community's performing arts center," he said. With that in mind, he makes "the creative decisions as to what people would want to see, to provide the best experience possible for them ... We want the building to reflect the energy and have a unique experience, unlike a standalone theater anywhere."

As AUPAC starts its fifth year, Daylong's created innovations that are beneficial to students and the local communities surrounding the university. One idea he has instituted is the installation of a new 30-foot HD (high definition) projection system in the Concert Hall with surround sound in conjunction with Emerging Pictures. The film screenings include opera and ballet performances from around the world with full performances from the companies such as the Bolshoi Ballet and the Royal Opera.

"We primarily have live performances but this gives us a unique opportunity. I worked with Emerging Pictures while in Miami. It's a content provider for cultural programming ... It's a lovely experience for everyone and we're the only ones doing this in Nassau County," Daylong said.

Another new idea is the October opening of a new art gallery in the second floor lobby. It's an ideal spot to highlight Long Island artists in a cultural setting. There will be three to four shows per semester.

Daylong is the coordinator of five performance spaces within AUPAC: the Concert Hall, Olmsted Theatre, Black Box Theatre, Recital Hall and the Dance Theatre. He schedules guest artists to create a great mix of music, dance and theater for his audiences who can discover different types of artists. Daylong has to coordinate rehearsals around regularly-scheduled classes and performances from outside organizations who rent a space, such as dance schools. He's also in charge of maintaining the building.

For more performance information or tickets, visit www.AUPAC.Adelphi.edu


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