Mangano to Host Active Shooter Seminar at Adelphi

With security stepped up and families throughout the nation still on the edge after the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano directed the Nassau County Police Department to host its fourth Active Shooter Seminar on Jan. 7 at 9 a.m. at Adelphi University for all private and public schools, as well as large corporations and hospitals.

An active shooter is defined as an armed person who has used deadly physical force on other persons and continues to do so while having unrestricted access to additional victims. This could include deadly physical force by means of a gun, knife, or other weapons.

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County Executive Mangano stated, “On behalf of Nassau County’s 1.3 million residents, I express my deepest condolences to the victims and families of the terrible tragedy that took place on Friday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. While we all hope to never face such an active shooter situation, Nassau County is leading the nation in preparing school administrators. The safety of our children is of paramount concern and working with the Nassau County Police Department we will continue to advance preventative measures that enhance education and preparedness.”

The January 7th Active Shooter Seminar is open to all 56 public school districts, private and parochial schools, as well as colleges and universities in Nassau County, as well as large corporations, to advise of the police response that will occur should an “Active Shooter” incident take place.

While the topic is a sobering look at school violence and incidents such as the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Columbine High School shooting and the Virginia Tech shooting, school officials will learn the significance of preparation, early detection and maintaining close contact with the police department. The seminar will also explore best practices and compare law enforcement and school protocols.

The goal is to ensure public safety by coordinating the County’s protocols.

Any Nassau County organization wishing to participate is welcome to contact the Nassau County Police Department, Office of Community Affairs Office, at (516) 573-7360.


LightEngineer December 22, 2012 at 02:07 PM
We have less than 680,000 peace officers "to serve and to protect" the more than 310,000,000 inhabitants in this country. We have only about one on-duty peace officer to protect each 2000 of us against the thugs and deranged killers within our midst that prey upon the defenseless and innocent. Obviously one per 2000 is not enough. Consequently, as "first responders", these officers are most often and unfortunately left to wear swat regalia and clean up after the damage is done. Today we have more than eight million citizens with a sense of duty to help deter violent crime by being licensed to carry a concealed handgun as an instant responder. Unfortunately, eight million is not enough. The public is unaware that about one in 30 adults is carrying a concealed gun and providing them with the capability of instant response. I have personal experience deterring a potentially violent crime with concealed carry on the streets of Cleveland. But, unfortunately, I was not present when my customer and her daughters were shot by her husband with a shotgun at the Cracker Barrel. The evil that occurred in Connecticut was made possible by the asymmetry afforded by gun control in the form of "gun free zones" that become killing fields. All "gun free zones" without police presence should be posted with the caveat that "This sign will not stop a mad man with a gun. You will be defenseless. Enter at your own risk." More than eight million people are now prevented from providing an instant response to violence in all "gun free zones" such as schools and posted theaters as in Colorado. This is why and where most of the major shooting tragedies have taken place. Without providing adequate screening and armed security, these postings constitute reckless endangerment. There is the ignorant argument that someone with a concealed carry gun would not be effective in stopping carnage. Someone trained to use an easily concealable small five shot 38 caliber revolver with a laser grip, would either put the red dot on center of mass or a head shot depending upon body armor. Under the present circumstances of limited police resources to patrol our schools, I believe that we desperately need trained volunteer concealed carry instant responders in our schools to protect our kids and we need to eliminate all “gun free zones” where there is no police presence.
Bill Pezzulo December 22, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Is there a reason the County Executive has left Nassau County Libraries uninvited to this seminar ?????????????