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Shh! Tell Everyone!
Just Who Is The College Whisperer?

Theodore C. Whisperer (The College Whisperer, to you) was born on the cusp of a new century (1 B.C.) His mother was first runner-up to Miss Alternate Universe, while his father served as counsel to the Czars. Orphaned at a tender age by the tragic sinking of the Titantic, Theodore was home-schooled until the age of 13, at which time he was summarily expelled.

Joining the French Foreign Legion and rising to the exalted rank of Modern Major General, Theodore was recruited by the Sorbonne to prepare a handful of exemplary students for graduate study and careers in business, medicine, international relations, the arts and undecided studies. While it is true that virtually all of Theodore's students excelled in their coursework and future endeavors, it must be noted that one student in particular, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, fell short.

Returning to the United States by way of the Mexican border, where he pole vaulted an electrified fence along the Arizona state line for a World Record that still stands today, Theodore hitchhiked to California, where he landed an internship in Sushi preparation -- at a Japanese Internment Camp.

After the war, Theodore trekked through some of the great universities of America -- Stanford, Northwestern, Princeton, Yale, College of the Ozarks -- from which he was quickly escorted and sent on his way. Back on the east coast, Theodore gained notoriety as an activist, advocate and sometimes provocateur, often credited with having formed one of the nation's first labor unions -- the IMGWU -- International Mens Garment Worker's Union. It didn't catch on.

Settling on Long Island, where his dedication to education has been continuously demonstrated through payment of some of the highest school property taxes in the land, Theodore married his childhood sweetheart with whom he raised two beautiful and, dare we say, brilliant daughters.

In addition to advising and mentoring the college-bound, while calming the frayed nerves of moms and dads everywhere, The College Whisperer speaks frequently on matters near and dear to prospective college students and their parents. The application and admissions process. The essays. Money.

Through college planning workshops, seminars, lectures and private sessions offered by College Connection (The Official Sponsor of College Admission Success), The College Whisperer has helped countless students successfully navigate the road to -- and through -- college.

Through the blogosphere, The College Whisperer brings his passion, aptitude, common sense and funny bone to the masses yearning to apply and be admitted to their college of choice.

Get to know The College Whisperer™. Benefit from his knowledge and wisdom. When it comes to applying to college, getting into college and paying for college, Plan, Prepare, Prevail!

Confused about financial aid? Stumped by FAFSA? Confounded by CSS-Profile or other proprietary financial aid forms? COLLEGE CONNECTION understands. We can help you prepare, complete and submit ALL required financial aid forms, including the FAFSA. We'll work with you in-person, by telephone, online and/or via Skype, not just to get the financial aid forms done, but to get them done correctly. DON'T MISS OUT ON MONEY FOR COLLEGE. Contact COLLEGE CONNECTION today! 516-345-8766.

The College Whisperer™ is the Trademark of COLLEGE CONNECTION, Official Sponsor of College Admission Success. The road to college begins at COLLEGE CONNECTION! Whether you are applying to college, planning for college, paying for college or simply thinking about college, COLLEGE CONNECTION can help! Call TODAY for a FREE telephone consultation. 516-345-8766

For up-to-the-minute news, apps, info and insights on college applications, admissions, scholarships and just about everything college, follow The College Whisperer™ on Twitter at


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