Player Profile: Dan Colamussi

Patch spotlights Garden City's varsity hoopsters.

In the coming weeks Patch will spotlight the players that comprise Garden City's varsity basketball team, currently tied for first in Conference A-1.

First up is senior player Dan Colamussi, who continues to be a focal point of the Trojans' offense with 195 points so far on the season.

Garden City Patch: When did you begin playing basketball?

Colamussi: I have been playing basketball since I was a little kid. I played in a bunch of leagues. I played in some Island Garden leagues and some other leagues that we all took part in as kids.

Garden City Patch: How have you contributed to your team's success this year?

Colamussi: Well, we have been working together a lot this season. I am just trying to be a good role model for the younger kids coming up. I have to show them how to become better players. I also have just been trying to get to the basket and scoring a lot. Good defense has also been a big factor in our team's success.

Garden City Patch: How have the younger players responded to your leadership?

Colamussi: They have all been playing well off the bench. We have a sophomore, Eddie Blatz, that starts. He’s a great rebounder. Devin Dwyer has also contributed a lot, starting a few games and backing up James Cauchi.

Garden City Patch: How did you prepare for the season this past summer?

Colamussi: Basically I just tried playing basketball as much as possible. I played some summer league ball. I kept in shape by running, even playing with my friends on the streets or park is good practice.

Garden City Patch: How has Coach Larry Steimer helped you this season?

Colamussi: He has definitely pushed me a lot. He is very passionate about the game of basketball and always gives me advice when I need it the most. He has pushed me in the right direction and taught me a lot things.

Garden City Patch: What is in store for your future after high school?

Colamussi: I definitely want to try to play basketball at the next level. I’m not sure where I would play though. I enjoy social studies and math so I think I would want to major in business or finance.

Garden City Patch: What is the goal for the rest of the season?

Colamussi: We want to try to win this conference. It would be really great to wrap up this conference and get a playoff game at home. It will be tough, but we are all very committed to winning.

The Trojans next play New Hyde Park away Friday at 4:30 p.m.