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Aircraft Noise - How can I help Make a difference ?

Greetings Again,

Ok, here is the post I spoke about last evening Folks, a great bit of material follows , so don’t get overwhelmed please .  Most importantly again, read this and “Do Something”, anything at all, and maybe we can get some momentum here … Again, these points below are the critical ones where short term reaction and greater participation is needed.  Some background on the points is provided followed by suggested actions.  

 So call the numbers, send the emails, speak to your neighbors, this succession of actions is the best order to work with.  Don’t be shy about calling your elected official either, it’s easy, and very non confrontational at that.   You will get a staffer, ask for feedback and follow-up about your concerns, don’t forget to jot down whom you were speaking with either, that is important.   See attachment for the contact info. 

Here we go now ………... 


Point 1 Background:  The FAA Reauthorization Bill has been lingering in the House for some time now, it may be coming to a head very shortly however, and will apparently (likely) be voted on between now and the end of next week.  It had lingered for months, while many issues (issues not necessarily associated with direct assaults on our quality of life in the TONH and PW mind you) were hashed out.  Here is the gist of it folks.  This Reauthorization Bill has language in it that will allow all of these air space changes, and the further implementation of new Airspace Management technology (NEXT GEN, which will be referred to again in this text) without the studies that by law, need to be done to demonstrate compliance to the Federal Clean Air Act and the NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act).  Attempts are being made to bypass these studies, and this bypass is facilitated by claiming a CATEX (Categorical Exclusion).   In other more simple words folks, some of this CATEX language, in effect, states that because the bill provides funding for efficiency gains, (and not increases in capacity and traffic) the studies are not required, so the studies are being Categorically Excluded.  Other language indicates that that so long as the average noise does not increase due to a change, said changes can also be categorically excluded.  This previous statement on average noise is critical and is no joke folks. In effect, this means that if noise in Port Washington for example were to increase dramatically (as it has recently for example) , but the noise in New Mexico has gone down the same amount, then this change is ok and does not need the studies. Again and not so simply stated, these notions of exclusion are piles of male bovine excrement; efficiency gains will pave the way for more and more air traffic, as more and more aircraft will be manageable. Increases in noise in one area will be ignored, so long as decreases in noise happen somewhere else. Moreover, this efficiency enabled air traffic will follow more concise routes, so if you are getting more noise and pollution now, it is likely to become even worse and more concentrated. Remember back in Early October when the news reported the new October 20th flight path changes would have no impact on TONH noise and air pollution?  Well, we for one family here in PW have seen dozens and dozens flights a day, directly over our home at some 1500 to 2500 feet.  Most times, its non-stop noise as one aircraft replaces another over our home.  Prior to October 20th, and living here since March of 2008, we could not count the flyovers on our fingers and toes, a year’s worth!!  No impact, again, a pile of the aforementioned excrement indeed, we are very heavily impacted.  Please do not get me started!!!

Point 1 Actions (in Priority Order):

Action 1:  Download the attachment included here.  Get on the phone and call every one of the elected officials on it and tell them they must not support the FAA Reauthorization Bill with CATEX (that exclusion discussed above, in an attempt to avoid the studies required by law) language in it.   Demand that the studies are done so that compliance to the Federal Clean Air Act and the National Environmental Protection Act is duly demonstrated.   Tell them how your quality of life has been impacted and tell them that you are concerned and angry about how these airspace changes are being implemented.  Especially mention how we were deceived just prior to October 20th. (Remember, they said how the take off’s from Kennedy would be at 10K feet when over the North Shore {no impact}, but how they managed to neglect to mention the impacts of the landings to JFK and LGA whatsoever {major impact, LGA landings are our issue here in PW, JFK landings are impacting other areas in TONH}.  Don’t forget to get the name and title of the person you speak with, for follow-up.  

Action 2: Email your elected officials as a follow up to your phone conversation.  Re iterate the points above and reference the name and title of the person you spoke with if they did not answer you, then state that in your email. The email message is the same as the message in Action 1 above.  Add some comments about how you are being affected now from a personal perspective as well.  Most important , re iterate our demands not to allow any categorical exclusions ( that CATEX again ) and that you want studies to insure that the Federal Clean Air Act and the National Environmental Protection Act  (this is the law folks ) are not being violated .

Acton 3: Send your neighbors to this blog, and urge them to join you in this effort.

Action 4: Call or Email all the other contacts provided to complain about the noise and to illustrate your concerns about the air quality impacts. Start with the TONH 311 Line, and then hit the Port Authority.  The FAA will always tell you the Port Authority is responsible for noise management, but send something to the FAA; it will make you feel better anyhow


 Point 2 Background:

Once this Bill is passed, with exclusions language or not, there is still another opportunity, perhaps our best opportunity, to have our voices heard.  The Federal Register is a place where notice is given to the general public and industry concerning a myriad of US Government related matters. The Federal Register allows, facilitates, and considers comments from ordinary citizens like ourselves on these Government matters.  This fact (that we can comment) is our golden opportunity.  The deadline for posting your comments about our concerns (that NEXT GEN again) with the federal register is 7 March 2012. .  Read on please … 

So, as stated above within point 1 , NEXT GEN is a newly introduced technology that will be further implemented in our airspace for airspace management and so called efficiency gains.  *****We believe however that said efficiency gains will lead to increased air traffic which will lead to increased noise and pollution (especially for the homes , schools and businesses under the new concentrated “tracks “ or paths that NEXT GEN will facilitate) and as such we insist that Categorical Exclusions (CATEX) to the Environmental Studies should not be allowed. NEXT GEN in combination with the Airspace Re-design impacts to our health and quality of life must be studied, as compliance to Federal Clean Air Act and the National Environmental Protection Act is mandatory. **** 

Point 2 Actions (in priority order):

Action 1:  The text beteeen the bold stars just above is the message folks, visit http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=FAA-2011-1082-0001 and submit your objection to any Categorical Exclusions.  This action is the most critical of all right now!!!  In a few days, more suggested text and letters (and a physical snail mail address) be posted for this effort as well.  So by March 7 we need to either use the web submission form dedicated to this “Government Matter”  that concerns us (specifically that government matter is : Proposed Provision of Navigation Services: Next Generation Air Transportation System Transition to Performance-Based Navigation - Document ID FAA-2011-1082-0001) or send a written letter accordingly. 


Until Next Time Folks ...

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Tom O'Rourke March 11, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Ben, You really need to get a life my friend . You blaming me for the lack of signatures on the petition is just an ignorant comment. Also, last time I looked, you appear to have the writing skills of a third grader , so keep your nasty comments to yourself. Please get a life. Tom
Arguendo March 11, 2012 at 04:56 PM
FWIW, the FAA Docket has more than 300 public submissions, many from Nassau and outer boroughs.
Ben March 11, 2012 at 09:39 PM
@ Tom, My comments are not nasty it is you who remains hypersensitive here due to the fact that you did a poor job wrting this article. Few people have read your poorly written article that remains way too long too wordy, redundant, etc. And nothing is wrong with my writing skills. You had been warned by the editor of this blogg Adina Genn about your abusive tone here. I strongly suspect that anything further from you on this blog will NOT be published due to your unprofessionalism. This blogg will not publish your poolry written articles because of your inability to handle crticism this fact is a problem. You are not supposed to react to readers commets. You are not supposed to insult readers. Why dont you know the rules of journalsim? Tom you are a poor journalist.
Tom O'Rourke March 11, 2012 at 09:45 PM
You have been reacting to my comments for weeks now, and have issued insults on several occasions. Thats Enough Ben , just leave me alone and if you do not have something nice to say , don't say anything , that is the golden rule number one. How can I not react, you try to challenge my writing skills and then blame the turn out on the petition on me ? Please just don't comment any longer , we will all be better off .
Ben March 12, 2012 at 10:30 AM
@ Tom, Your noble efforts have been less successful due to your poorly written article that is too long, too wordy, redundant, etc. You need to write effectivley use bullet points, etc. I have issued no insults here I have offered constructive crticism and your reaction to my remarks has made you look foolish, unprofessional, hypersenstitive and on the side of less than intelligent. it is a good thing for you that foolish, etc. is not illegal. You need to "edit for impact" so that you will get more support for your cause.


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