A Conversation with Bethany LeSueur

Bethany LeSueur to be honored by Garden City High School, the TMA and friends of GC Basketball.

Bethany LeSueur in her soon to be retired #23 jersey.
Bethany LeSueur in her soon to be retired #23 jersey.
I had the chance to sit down with Bethany LeSueur this week prior to her being honored by Garden City High School with the retirement of her basketball jersey, number 23, on Saturday.

When you were growing up was basketball your favorite sport? What else did you play competitively?

Growing up I played many different sports. Most of my love of sports grew out of competition between my family and friends who lived on Huntington Road in Garden City. We played every sport possible (soccer, basketball, football, baseball, etc.). I also loved to swim for the Garden City swim team. In the fourth grade, I had my first organized basketball experience playing for the St. Josephs CYO program. From that point on, basketball was my passion!

Having a twin brother that was a good athlete, did that push you even harder? There must have been some tough ‘games’ in the back yard – any special memories?

Growing up as one of the four LeSueur kids was the best! I look back on my childhood today and realize how special it was. I was raised in a loving family where you had to be tough and be able to compete in order to be heard. Our backyard did not have flowers or bushes, we had dirt and athletic equipment. It was like a mini Olympic village. The lessons I learned from family battles in the backyard helped me develop tremendously as an athlete.

Did having a father that played professional sports drive you and your siblings?

Both my mom and dad were unique athletes. My dad was a professional soccer player and my mom was a swimmer. Athletics were a part of our everyday life and it never was forced upon us. My father was a man who could coach you in any sport and he was always able to help us get to the next level. What most people do not realize is that it was my MOM who was the real force behind our competitive drive. My mom is one of the most driven and competitive athletes I have ever met. 

When did you decide to concentrate on basketball as "your" sport?

Basketball was my love. I never had to choose. Basketball was my passion.

What would you tell a young girl who excels in multiple sports? When should she look to narrow it down?

The youth sports world is so dynamic today. I would encourage kids to play as many sports as possible as young children. In order to succeed, you have to LOVE to play the sport you choose. I would tell a young kid to play the sport they love, do not just play a sport for a scholarship.

If you could have a ticket to any game, any sport, what would you go see?

I never saw my dad compete at the college or professional level. I would love to have seen my dad play and compete at that level.

What are the top memories you have of your high school career?

My friends who were the best teammates! My coaches who were unbelievable coaches and people. Coach Dell'Olio was the greatest! He was such a tough guy on the outside but all of the girls on the basketball team always thought of him as a father.

Who was your basketball role model?

Of course, I loved to watch Michael Jordan play basketball.

What’s your favorite memory of Garden City High School?

As an adult looking back, you realize that only a few times in your life you get to compete for something that really means anything. The experience of competing as one of the many great Garden City Trojans is priceless. Competing myself, watching my brothers, sister and friends compete in championship games across multiple sports. That is what being a Garden City Trojan is all about!

R.C. January 24, 2013 at 08:31 PM
Great article Ed----------Congratulations Beth


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