Resident Wish List for Garden City in 2014

One resident would like to see more recreational options for "little kids (0 to 4) similar to Rockville Centre Rec."
One resident would like to see more recreational options for "little kids (0 to 4) similar to Rockville Centre Rec."
It's a New Year. Some people vow to live a healthier lifestyle, others promise to spend more time with family and many say they will try to save money.

As millions of Americans make resolutions to improve their lives, Patch asked residents what they would do right here in East Meadow to make it an even better place to live. Here are resident responses:

  • "More recreational options for little kids (0 to 4) similar to Rockville Centre Rec."
  • "That's a good one Amy, I agree. I'd also like to see some traffic enforcement to cut down on the speeders - including the people that live here who think rolling through stop signs is OK."
  • "Greater efficiency in the operation of our Town. I believe that we could use the service of a good expense audit firm who would indicate where savings could be made. Taxes and fee expenses are too high and are starting to become unbearable."
  • "Lovely town, gracious folk. Here's my wish: I drive a compact car (not sports), in adherence with the front-in parking throughout Garden City, I am continually in fear of a collision when backing out, inching out around the SUV, 4X4, trucks, whatever larger vehicles I'm surrounded by. If I could back in it would be easier to nose my way slowly forward. The ever-diligent parking enforcement team does indeed enforce. It's frightening in the parking areas, for cars and pedestrians."
  • "I agree with recreation opportunities for younger ones and with the expenses/taxes. I would also like to see improved and more efficient recycling. Stream lined recycling is done in more towns and cities. GC should participate in that as well. More things would be eligible for recycling and it's easier on the residents to adhere to- most items are grouped and collected together in one container."
  • "After moving to the town 20+ years ago I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of stop signs. We all know these are installed to decrease speeding period. I would like to see more enforcement of speed limits, and the REMOVAL of stop signs where unnecessary. Excessive stop signs cause more pollution, increase driven frustration leading to road rage, and are aesthetically in contrast to the bucolic setting of Garden City."
  • "We have been residents here for over 21 years and can't believe that this leaf program is still in existence. Every year it gets worse where the leaves are not removed in a timely matter. It's a pleasure to drive through our neighboring communities (Mineola, Garden City South, New Hyde Park, Franklin Square) and see how clean their streets are and then come to Garden City with our streets piled with leaves. We have had snow storms, hurricanes, excessive rain and we still have those leaves sitting in our streets. We personally have our own gardener take the leaves in his truck rather than have them placed in front of our house. Unfortunately, we get leaves blown over to us since they sit in the street for weeks. Perhaps we can do what Rockville Centre does and hand out bags to the residents and have their gardeners bag them or even let the gardeners dump them at our village yard. The residents would benefit from this in three ways: l. clean streets, 2. more parking, and 3. would reduce the burden on taxpayers for this additional expense for manpower and maintenance on the trucks. It is also a safety factor since the leaves are slippery when wet as well as the neighborhood children jumping in the leaves in the streets where cars are passing by. We live in a beautiful community so why not keep our streets clean and safe."
  • "I agree w/Eileen lets end leaf pick up, offer landscapers free leaf & clipping drops offs at yard. Perhaps lower landscaping fees for GC residents due to free drop off?!? Its a win-win for us, more mulch, less taxes."
  • "Fix road surfaces (esp Third St & Meadow St), rid the Village of illegal dorm-style housing and turn St Paul's into a true Community/Village Center as every survey & vote has proven year, after year, after year..."
What's on your wish list for Garden City? Let us know in the comments section below.


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