Customers Flock to Roosevelt Field Apple Store for New iPad [POLL]

Line forms early Friday as Apple drops latest product.

Eager Apple fans lined up early Friday in anticipation of the arrival of the new iPad at 's Apple store in Garden City.

Prashant Makwana, a computer science student at Stony Brook, left the store with a 3G wifi iPad, his first in the series.

“I always wanted to get one but I wanted them to work out the kinks with the first two in the line.”

Makwana said he looks forward to buying textbooks through the iBook store or Kindle.

“Now I won’t have to carry around five books in my backpack.”

Robin Speical of Merrick rushed out of the Apple store with her new iPad in hand, on her way to work before 9 a.m.

“I was going to get the iPad2 but I figured I’d wait for the upgraded version to come out,” she said.

For others, one just wasn't enough. East Meadow resident Fuoio Pardo left the store before 9 a.m. with five new iPads between both hands.

“I just wanted a new Apple product," he said. "You can’t get enough of them.”

Pardo was seen later standing back on line.

According to an article in PC World, reviewers are praising the new device.

Jim Dalrymple went beyond the specs in his new iPad review for The Loop, saying, “nobody in the market today can touch the Apple experience.” His highlights include seamless iCloud sync and AirPlay beaming onto the Apple TV, and of course, the high-resolution display, saying it “will make you do a double-take the first time you see it. Even on the home screen, it’s crisp and clear — you can notice a huge difference, even from the iPad 2.”

Apple store employees declined to comment.


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