Dennis Donnelly, A Trustee on the Public Information Committee, Intentionally Misinforms the Public, by Francine Ryan, Candidate for Village Trustee from the East

In the continuing efforts to take attention away from the real issues at hand in this election, namely Mr. Donnelly’s vote to close our Eastern firehouse at night, rising taxes, no proactive communication from the village during the hurricane or noreaster, etc., Mr. Donnelly has chosen a misquote taken conveniently out of context about the GC Police Department. I’ve already clarified my position (that the GC Police and Fire Departments are part of what make Garden City the place we all want to live) on GC Patch, http://gardencity.patch.com/groups/opinion/p/letter-to-the-editor-why-we-do-need-the-gc-police--fire-departments-by-francine-ryan-candidate-for-village-trustee-representing-the-east   And on my website, http://www.ryanfortrustee.com/more_from_francine

This election, you have a choice.  Chose the candidate who brings a fresh, optimistic perspective and solutions-driven experience to solving our problems.  Please vote for Francine Ryan today (Tuesday, 1.29.13) from 4:30 to 9:00 at Steward School.

dennis donnelly January 29, 2013 at 04:41 PM
Mrs. Ryan seems to change her position daily depending on which direction the wind blows. Her statement regarding switching to the Nassau County police force instead of our own department were heard by all who attended the town hall meeting. Mrs. Ryan's stand on unmanning the Clinton firehouse at night is a reflection of her union bias and support from the paid firefighters. Does anyone doubt the two page ad from the paid firefighters was mysteriously timed to coincide with this election election.! If Mrs. Ryan had taken the time from her busy schedule to actually attend a budget session ever she would be aware that the first duty as a trustee is to vote on the budget(a fact also lost on Mr. Blair) During the last two years taxes have risen less than 1.75 % in each year. To say taxes have gone up over the last ten years is silly who was on the board board was on the board back then.
GC Joe January 29, 2013 at 05:57 PM
Mr. Donnelly's lies, or complete inability to read, have become increasingly apparent. You're basing your mistruths off an article - not even a direct quote - that misrepresented her statement. Even prior to you assailing his and pushing forth a campaign devoid of truth she also covered this matter on her website. She then reaffirmed her position in support of the GCPD on The Patch. For someone who allegedly is a qualified communicator I am concerned about your desire to communicate honestly with the Village. Don't forget, you're the one who voted to unman the Clinton firehouse at night Mr. Donnelly. There has been no definitive plan and commitment to staffing it with volunteers. The only one who is spinning stories is you Mr. Donnelly. Speaking of coincidence - any coincidence the "Village Report" came out the weekend before Election Day Mr. Donnelly?


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