Professional FireFighters Layoff

When Garden City was young and farms and summer homes were on the scene, it was a lot different than today. Where trees once grew, we now have homes, shops and shopping centers. Where there were horses and stables, we now have cars, trucks, buses, repair shops and gas stations. Years ago when Garden City was young, the occassional fire and usually a summer fire to watch the flames, talk and tell tales to the children. Today a fire is a fearful event causing destruction and death. Today the community has grown from a place where you had plenty of room to run ride bikes and just had room to do whatever. Today these areas are filled with friends and loved ones, their homes, their children and their lives. Yesterday was a day when the volunteer system worked as a main stay. TODAY IT'S A LOT DIFFERENT! I no longer live in a quaint surburb. Today Nassau County has moved on up and its now Queens 20 years ago and Queens is now Brooklyn and what I see today is very scary, very scary indeed for Garden City. Its no longer that little community, its no longer that quaint garden. It has become a city and NOW I AM TOLD YOU are doing layoffs and closures of fire stations and Professional Firefighters. Who is the genious behind this?? Taxes are at an all time high, well lets look close and follow the money and see where it is really going!! I am glad to see volunteers but you wouldn't go to a medical student if you were sick!! WHY ARE YOU DOING IT WHEN LIFE AND LIMB ARE AT STAKE ALONG WITH YOUR HOMES AND CHILDREN?? ARE WE THAT FAR GONE THAT WE CANT SEE THIS?? IF SO KEEP ON  PLAYING WITH FIRE!! ONE CASTROPHY IS ONE TO MANY!!!!!
Dan K February 10, 2013 at 10:34 PM


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