GC East Nominating Committee Selects Dennis Donnelly for Village Trustee

Nominated to serve a new two-year term.

Dennis Donnelly
Dennis Donnelly
(Editor's Note: Announcement that appears on the Eastern Property Owners' Association website.)

The elected members of the Garden City East Nominating Committee have unanimously nominated Dennis Donnelly, current trustee from the East, to the village's board of trustees for a new two-year term.

Joseph Moody, chairperson of the Committee, said that Trustee Donnelly's long involvement in village government and deep knowledge of village issues was key to making him the unanimous choice of the 15-member committee.

Prior to his initial election in 2009 as a trustee, Donnelly served as president of the Eastern Property Owners' Association (EPOA) and chairman of the Joint Conference Committee (JCC) of the Village POAs. The Garden City Chamber of Commerce honored Dennis with its Community Achievement Award in 2008.

Donnelly impressed the committee with his experience in dealing with the complexities of balancing the desire for continued first class village services and the constraints of keeping taxes at a reasonable level. The village will continue to be challenged with rising employee health and pension costs, as well as the need to keep investing in the future of our village.

The Committee selected Dennis because he has a proven track record of effective and dedicated service to our community.

In addition to Chairman Moody, members of the committee are Ted Rechner, John Wilton, Leo Stimmler, Jaime Gans, Neil O'Malley, Robert Stark Jr, Bill Graham, Chris Mullaney, May Conti, James Carney, Allison Sparacino, John Pittoni, Walter McKenna and Ken Moody. They were elected by resident electors at the June 2012 annual public EPOA joint meeting from a slate of 30 candidates.



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