Adelphi Frat Breaks Super Hunger Fest Records Again

Brothers raise $3,695 and collect 1,850 pounds of food for Island Harvest.

Kappa Sigma presenting Island Harvest with the check and the food. (Credit: John Franklin)
Kappa Sigma presenting Island Harvest with the check and the food. (Credit: John Franklin)
Kappa Sigma fraternity members raised $3,695 and collected 1,850 pounds of food for Island Harvest during its annual "Super Hunger Fest."

The Adelphi University brothers have been collecting food and money for the organization, which rescues and distributes food for the hungry of New York, for the past seven years.

Kappa Sigma once again surpassed personal records for food and money donations.

The “Super Hunger Fest” kickoff took place Feb. 2 at Adelphi, where the brothers vowed to fast for 24 hours before the Super Bowl.

“We are all really into sports, especially football,” said junior Matt Rypl. “It’s a time where most of us overeat, and it feels great to take care of the needy when it can be so easy to forget them.”

Three weeks later, on Feb. 19, the food was gathered and brought to the Island Harvest warehouse for donation and an official weigh in. It was there the brothers discovered they collected twice as much food as last year and raised more money.

“I’m so happy, I really can’t believe it,” said senior and Kappa Sigma president Alex Lucks. “It’s awesome that we can feed thousands Long Island families from one event. We are so happy to keep the tradition going, and hope to do more and more.”

Elissa Weick, Island Harvest manager of special events, added, “With the money raised on top of the food, we end up with 8,000 pounds of food. 5,000 meals can be made with this food, and I’m very proud of Kappa Sigma. Every year it gets better and better.”

“Super Hunger Fest” continues to be a huge success for the fraternity, with collection amounts increasing every year since the event started.

“I’m going to be a senior next year, and I really don’t know how we can top this,” said Rypl. “We literally need to collect a ton of food in order to beat what we collected this year, but we’re more than up for the challenge.”


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