Michael Caramanico
I am an individual that likes the challenge of adapting to new and  places and this lead me to lead a life living in exotic locations.  I started my college at Nassau Community College and then transfered to the University of Hawaii.  In Hawaii, I graduated with a degree in Education.  I worked as One-on-One aid for special needs students during the school day and tutored at night.  After three years I decided to further my career as an educator and move to Tokyo, Japan to work as an English Conversation Teacher.  I spent a year and a half working and traveling throughout Asia.  It was an unbelievable experience that furthered my resolve to continue on for a Graduate degree in Education. Living in New York, Hawaii, and Japan has given me the opportunity to experience culture and the food that comes with it. The time spent out eating gave me the chance to understand the people and their food; which always most special.  Now, that I've returned back to my native Long Island I am still on that path to find new and interesting people and foods.  The Island is so diverse and finding a good eatery to share with friends is always a great time!
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