#55: Garden City Has the Christmas Spirit (West and Estates)

Beautiful homes are decked out for the holidays.

I toured through Garden City in the last several weeks and have seen some imaginative and lovely outdoor decorations and lighting for the Christmas season. It’s just in time for the “Deck the House Contest” with Patch.com! Maybe one of these houses on the west side of town might win.

The most interesting to me is the home on Lincoln Street, south of the Long Island Rail Road line to Hempstead. If you tune in your radio to 107.3FM as you sit in front of the house, the lights are somehow coordinated to the music. Who thinks of these things?

I’m especially fond of the gold angels highlighted on the walkway of a home on Weyford Terrace. It’s as if the angels are trumpeting arriving guests. Wooden soldiers stand at attention on the porch.

The “fairytale” house is also on Weyford Terrace. It looks like a castle with its dramatic lighting and decorations.

The most beautiful interior tree can be found on Westminster Road near Garden City Middle School. It stands over 20 feet tall in the grand window.

One of the tallest decorated trees is on Tanners Pond Road. The homeowner uses a crane to hang the colorful lights.

A home on Kildare Road has done something different with a more early American style of decorating in keeping with the architecture of the home. They have thick garlands of fruits draped over the window boxes, including pineapples, which were a welcome sign in colonial times.

There is a dramatic tree in front of a house on Stratford Avenue with a solid red tree, along with two green bushes and life-size carolers on the front porch.

A noteworthy crèche is on Hampton Road.

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Season: Christmas

Note: Hop in your car and take the kids to look at festive homes. For more information on the Deck the House contest, visit http://gardencity.patch.com/articles/deck-your-house-and-win-100-000-for-garden-city-public-schools